Terrifying, gruesome menu items provide Halloween spirit with a ghoulish air

TEMP ORARY October 27, 2011 0

Wizards, pumpkins, and haunts, oh my! It’s Halloween time at Elizabethtown College, and that can only mean one thing: frightening and fall-like activities to entertain the College community. The next two upcoming weekends have everything from exciting haunted houses to movies.

Etown students are not allowed to trick-or-treat around town, and there can only be speculation as to why. Whatever the reasoning behind it, this undoubtedly means that students at the College are unable to channel their inner children through this classic activity and must find other sorts of entertainment in lieu of the standard house-to-house candy hunting.

What is there to do instead?

For those who are most unhappy about missing the sweets and treats, there is no need to fret for long. The Marketplace has two Halloween-themed treats for students to enjoy during the week.

Dining Services hopes you enjoyed their gruesome Halloween Spooktacular Dinner, complete with celebrity-judged costumes on who was prettiest, scariest, funniest and most original. Also, don’t forget the disgusting-sounding menu options.

Kathy Christopher of Dining Services said that she and the rest of the staff did all of the decorations themselves, trying to be as scary as possible. Christopher hopes that those who do not enjoy Halloween or being scared visited the Jay’s Nest for dinner instead of the Marketplace, during the festivities.

The latter will take place on Halloween itself when special desserts will be available in celebration of National Candy Corn Day. Lovers of flavored wax can come and celebrate by finding these treats atop their cookies and cupcakes, made especially for the occasion.

There is no need to cry over missing out on a night of spooks, scares and mischief either. Students daring enough to go to Jason’s Woods are encouraged to buy a $10 pass at the Hub for a night of mazes, a haunted hayride and games Friday, Oct. 28. Bring friends or go alone, but one should be warned, it is common knowledge among returning students that the ghouls and ghosts like to jump out at you. The first-year class consensus is just to make it to finals without losing their minds in the maze. Enter if you dare.

Not ready to be attacked by Freddy and Jason yet? Fear not, there is still plenty to do on campus, both this weekend and next, to keep in the Halloween spirit. First up is the Halloween version of the award-winning show “Let’s Make a Deal.” What is in store for the students and faculty will remain a mystery until 9 p.m. Saturday Oct. 29, but knowing what SWEET has done in the past, surely Etown will not be disappointed. SWEET has outdone themselves this time, as only a few hours after “Let’s Make a Deal,” the midnight Halloween dance in the KĀV will be ready to see action.

Finally, the Halloween fun need not end with October. Friday Nov. 4 at 4 p.m., Nov. 5 at 7 p.m., and Nov. 6 at 3 p.m., will be the show times for “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part II,” the final installment of the series. Both SWEET and the billboard itself proclaim: “It all ends here.” Watch the beloved magical characters come to life for the last time in the comfort of Gibble’s seating and witness the final showdown between Harry and Lord Voldemort.

The town may not allow students to walk around the neighborhood in costumes looking for candy, but this does not mean the campus community won’t be as undead as any other Halloween-loving town. SWEET is sponsoring all of these events, and individual students are sure to come up with their own ideas, from horror movie parties in their dorm rooms to door decorations around every turn. It is obvious that the population is ready for multiple nights of frights.

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