Style Watch: floral prints, patterned boots, bright pops of color reign

TEMP ORARY February 2, 2012 0

My task? To find fashion-forward students, take their pictures, and ask them questions about the looks they put together and what inspired them. The result? Three fabulously-dressed ladies with wonderful taste and an eye for style.

Sophomore early childhood education major Laura Killion was in the mail room of the BSC, and her style caught my eye right away. Her flowery dress and leggings combo was perfect for inserting some spring sunshine to a rainy Etown day. What I also noticed about her ensemble was the fact she was sporting Uggs. I know everyone (myself included) wants to schlep around wearing them with yoga pants and hoodies. But ladies, take note. Killion is the perfect example of how to wear these moon boot look-a-likes and still look absolutely put-together.

After asking her the basics about her outfit (the dress was from Target: obviously a great place for fun style on the cheap side!), I asked her about the inspiration for her ensemble. While Killion said she doesn’t follow the style of any celebrities in particular, perusing through magazines, especially “People,” gives her fun ideas about what to pair together.

The first thing I noticed about senior political science major Hannah Desmond was her boots. I can’t tell you how many pairs of boots I own, but I can tell you that none of them could hold a candle to her Lucky Brands. Seeing these shoes actually brought me pain; knowing they weren’t mine was excruciating. Moving on past my insatiable desires, I also couldn’t help but notice how her grey, wool coat hit her legs at almost the exact same place her dress did, and it was absolutely flattering. Combined with a scarf tied just right and black leggings, this outfit translated into the perfect example of winter wear: just because you’re covered up by a coat doesn’t mean you can’t still look amazing. (Side note: This girl’s glasses were fantastic. So chic.)

Although she is a regular reader of “Vogue,” instead of getting style ideas from celebrities, Desmond relies on the keen eye of fashion insiders like Marc Jacobs and catalogs from Urban Outfitters and Anthropologie to inspire her looks. I definitely got the Anthropologie vibe from those boots, but could also feel the UO sense evident in the perfect, eclectic mix of styles.

My fashion winner of the week was sophomore early childhood education major Rachel Goss. This girl brought a fresh face to classic American style. I first noticed her bright green peacoat, a nice variation on the typical black or navy. The best part? It was on sale at dELiA*s during Black Friday. I intended to feature another winter look, but when Goss took her coat off, the outfit underneath was just too good to be true. Her dark wash jeans, cardigan and Target boots were put together so well. Although she said essentially every part of the outfit was snatched up on sale, this ensemble looked anything but cheap.

In addition, I loved her hair. Having had long hair since middle school, the thought of chopping it all off is terrifying. Not for Goss. When work at a summer camp meant running around during hot days, she took the plunge and cut her once longer hair into a fun, chic bob (which she loves).

She’s an avid reader of “Seventeen” (what girl isn’t?), but shies away from the conventional “Vogue”-like magazines. While not a fashion follower of any celebrities, Goss did say she thinks Reese Witherspoon is “so precious” and “bubbly.” After talking to her for only a few minutes and observing her outfit, one could say the same about Goss.

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