Recent policy limits student employment

The Etownian September 5, 2012 0

Finding an on campus job can be a difficult task, unless you’re looking for employment with Dining Services, whom are always hiring. A new policy the College has enacted will fix this issue of there not being enough jobs for students by limiting the number of jobs each student can have.

The maximum number of hours that a student can work, 20, has not changed from previous years, meaning the amount of money a student can earn in a semester has not changed. “After review by the Senior Staff team, the policy was put into place to insure that all students who wish to work on campus get the opportunity to do so; and to insure an equitable distribution of the College’s resources for student employment,” Nancy Florey, Associate Vice President for Human Resources, said.

As college students, we are known for not being well endowed in terms of finances and most of us are just too busy to get a job outside of the College. It is much easier to work two or three hour shifts on top of homework and classes than it is to have a part time job at a local business, where you will have longer shifts. On-campus jobs are the easiest way to make money, even if it isn’t all that much.

I have two on-campus jobs. The Etownian keeps me busy from Sunday evening until Wednesday evening, with semi flexible hours. This job is more for the experience so I wanted to find another job my junior year. All I could find were things like snow shoveling or student patrol, not jobs for a girl who is in no way athletic and is about as intimidating as a sleeping kitten. I did finally find a job at Phonathon, which works perfectly with my busy schedule, but it took an entire semester.

Since shifts tend to be shorter, you may lose some pay when you lose one of your jobs. At Phonathon, they’ve always been helpful when it comes to the amount of hours a student works. If you need that much more money, you’ll have to get an off campus job whether this policy is in place or not because, as I said before, the amount of hours a student can work has not changed.

I know I’m not the only one who experienced a lack of available jobs, which is a little silly on such a small campus. “The policy allows for a greater number of students to take advantage of the on campus work opportunities that are available,” Florey said. I know life isn’t fair but students should have an equal opportunity when it comes to on campus employment. It’s not even just about the cash. I’ve meet many friends through my on campus jobs, which is what college is about.

This policy is a great addition to Elizabethtown College. It will make students’ experiences much more fulfilling. Most of all, hopefully we will all graduate with a little less debt.

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