Mimic Italian designer Bottega Veneta on student’s budget

TEMP ORARY January 26, 2012 0

Keeping up with the latest fashion trends doesn’t have to drain your bank account. Spring 2012 runways were filled with many different styles that can be easily replicated with items from less expensive stores.

One of this season’s biggest fashion trends is combining vibrant and bold colors in an outfit with simple accessories. Many designers combined teal, fuchsia, yellow, coral, sapphire, green and purple in their collections. However, there is a trick to pulling off this look without looking like a clown. Pick no more than three solid colors for your outfit to keep it fun and trendy without looking trashy. You can mix and match almost any combination of colors – try a tank with a yellow jacket and red shoes or a light pink top and big red necklace with a blue skirt. Not ready for this much color in your wardrobe? You can tone down this look by choosing just one bold color and wearing it with black, white, beige or brown. To finish off any of these outfit possibilities, add a skinny belt, simple geometric jewelry, a neutral-colored purse or strappy sandals.

One of this season’s top designers, Bottega Veneta, took a more sophisticated approach to this trend by combining this season’s hottest color, coral orange, with black and white. This type of outfit is perfect for parties, going out to a nice restaurant, weddings, or even work-just add a black blazer! But who can afford to spend $4,000 on a dress and sandals on a college student budget? Hardly anyone, unless you’re working six jobs.

The best part about this season’s fashion is that you don’t have to buy the top designer brands to look and feel like you walked out of an issue of Vogue. Almost identical outfit replicas can be created from stores in Elizabethtown at a much more affordable price. One of the best places to find clothing and accessories is at resale shops like Now Wear This! on Hershey Road in Etown. I was able to recreate a Bottega Veneta outfit for just $45.46. Other stores in Elizabethtown, like GoodWill and Lights of Hope on High Street, have a wide variety of clothing to choose from as well.

Besides wearing different combinations of vibrant and bold colors, there are many other fashion trends to keep up with this season. African-inspired designs, including animal prints and geometric patterns will be very popular this spring. These styles are best worn with solid colors, chunky jewelry and simple, neutral-colored sandals. Designers sell outfits in this style for around $2,300, but you can get the same look for closer to $40 or $50 at a trendy store like Charlotte Russe.

When it comes to jewelry, think geometric shapes. Almost all of the designers used square, triangular or diamond-shaped jewelry to complement their designs this season. This type of jewelry is very universal and can add a distinctive look to almost any style or outfit. The best place to find unique geometric jewelry designs is asos.com. Along with many other creative jewelry designs, asos.com has many options at an average price of $15, which is much more appealing than $450 for a pair of Burberry earrings!

Along with all of the new styles emerging this spring, some favorites are returning from last year. The extremely popular bright orange is a veteran of last spring, as well as large, floral prints. This year made the bright and coral oranges more professional by pairing them with dark or neutral blazers and pants. When you dig out your floral prints from last spring, leave the other smaller prints you wore with them behind. The best way to wear floral prints this year is with lace and solid colors. In case you didn’t follow the floral trend from last spring, H&M has a beautiful selection of reasonably priced floral dresses, skirts and tops.

No matter which style you want to take on this season, there are many less expensive alternatives to buying top designer brands that will give you the same stylish trendy look. Just remember to make each style your own and wear it with confidence.

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