Memes, online quips provide entertainment

TEMP ORARY February 23, 2012 0

Recent Internet sensation memes have taken over the Etown campus, courtesy of a Facebook page dedicated to the customized pictures.

Memes have been becoming very popular all over college campuses around the country. From big universities to small colleges, the meme epidemic is growing at a fast pace. Elizabethtown College has recently gained its own Etown memes page on Facebook within the past two weeks.

Etown students, senior Devon Favinger and junior Allison Keidat, decided to create a page made up of amusing memes for Etown students to enjoy.

It started about a week ago when Keidat was surfing the web and came across Millersville and Temple University’s memes pages. “I was just bored and I was like ‘we live in this Etown bubble, why not make something that everyone can relate to, something that’s just fun,’” Allison said.

The creators didn’t really think they would start a page that would become so popular in a short amount of time. “It started off as a joke. We were like ‘haha wouldn’t it be funny if Etown had one,’” Favinger said. Once they read a few, they decided that they should take a shot and make an Etown memes page. The Etown memes page gained followers very quickly. “I think we had over two hundred likes by the end of the night,” Keidat recalled. “It was made at 4:30 [a.m.] on a Wednesday night; it blew up.”

As far as creating the memes, Keidat and Favinger and other Etown students create them. “There’s this website, I think its called; there’s some that are pre-made, you can edit the caption or upload your own picture and make your own caption, it’s kinda cool,” Keidat said.

The creators get their inspiration from many different places on campus: from carrot cake, to the cafeteria, to schoolwork: just about anything that’s funny that Etown students can relate to will likely be found on the page.

The memes are posted whenever Favinger and Keidat come up with a new one. “Whenever I have an idea, I’ll make a note of it,” Favinger said. Not only can the creators of the page post, but if you go on Facebook and like the page, you can create your own memes and post them too.

This page has become very popular amongst the Etown community. Many students have really taken to it and create their own memes and post them often. Since the page was created a little over a week ago, the girls have received over 800 “likes.” This was way beyond their expectations, especially since it all started out as a joke.

The students seem to be giving great feedback about the page as well. “I really enjoy reading the memes page. It cracks me up. It’s funny because we can all relate to the jokes that are being made,” sophomore Rosa Wiley said. “They really are funny, it’s almost as if the whole campus is connected.” Jessica Howard, a sophomore, also enjoys to reading the page. “My roommates and I read them out loud, we can really relate to them. We always get a good laugh,” she said.

Although many students seem to enjoy the page, there are a select few who find it very inappropriate and even offensive. Some students feel that the page uses the term “meme” incorrectly, and feel the need to scroll down the page and correct everyone who they feel is using it inappropriately.

“Some people just like to suck the fun out of things,” Keidat said. “But I just roll it off my shoulder.” However, if Keidat and Favinger do find that people are posting inappropriate memes, they will ban them from the page. They made it very clear that they want to keep the memes as appropriate as possible, while still making them funny,

“If there’s something that is being taken personally, just laugh it off,” Keidat said. “We’re at college, it’s about having fun; just loosen up.” Favinger agreed saying, “It’s not meant to hurt anyone, it’s funny. If we can make one person laugh, the job’s done.”

The Etown memes Facebook page is still growing at a rapid pace with students posting memes just about every day. If you haven’t checked out the page, be sure to “like” it on Facebook, and maybe even create your own memes for other students to enjoy.

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