How to study in style at Elizabethtown College

TEMP ORARY April 20, 2012 0

Sean Duetsch and Chris Tjaden (also known as Chris and Sean, or Sean and Chris depending on who you ask) are a match made in style heaven. As soon as I saw this twosome’s look, I thought of either studying hard in the library or grabbing a cup at the Blue Bean. The room- and band-mates have very similar tastes, and revealed that they shop at the same preppy-influenced stores. They also surround themselves with a stylish apartment on campus, which they say is an influence on their perpetually clean-cut looks. While Tjaden teased Duetsch about his whole look being from J. Crew, the perfectly tailored trousers and sage green sweater made me think of a dashing hipster grabbing some coffee in some big city and then running off to the nearest Apple store for the newest iPhone.

Tjaden looked more like he just stepped out of a magazine advertisement for an equally prep-centric brand. His Gap button down, J. Crew tie and pants, along with his ever-present Sperry Top Siders created a look that will never go out of style, at least in my book. The twosome continued to tell me about some of their style habits, which are just too interesting not to include. At their next show, look for Tjaden’s outfit to be slightly mimicking Duetsch’s. While Tjaden said that he normally does it just to be funny and to irritate Duetsch, the cohesiveness of the pair proves why they’ve been roommates for three years.

In addition to admiring these brands’ aesthetics, the pair also agrees that the clothes are durable and built to last. They proved a good point, one that I often forget as soon as I step through the hallowed doors of Forever 21: sometimes, it’s worth paying more for higher quality goods that you’ll have for years and years instead of spending small amounts on clothes that will fray and become threadbare after a mere three wears.

Duetsch also let me in on a little secret about J.Crew that I obviously have to pass along to you guys. While the prices may seem steep, if you flash your college ID, it’s an instant 15 percent off everything in the store, including sale and clearance. It’s a useful tip to use wherever you go, as most stores have some unpublished discount for us poor ramen-eaters! The next time you’re out shopping and see something you absolutely have to have from the J.Crew window (this is a problem for other people, right?!) just remember: that little discount could go a long way in furthering your style repertoire, and that may just make you a feature in this column!

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