Hawthorne Heights, Sandlot Heroes to perform in Etown

TEMP ORARY March 22, 2012 0

This spring, local bars and coffee houses are hosting a variety of events that feature various live bands that are locally well-known, as well as more popular bands that appeal to students. Folklore Coffee & Co., located on One N. Main Street in Elizabethtown, features well-known artists as well as a few local bands that fans enjoy.

On April 14, Hawthorne Heights will be performing along with Chicago sensation Mark Rose and Sandlot Heroes. To see one of the more popular bands, as well as some great artists from around the country, the cost is only $10, which is a good deal in comparison to seeing them at a bigger venue, where the cost to see this lineup would be significantly higher.

The next week, locally-known artist Lucas Carpenter, who performs at Folklore frequently, will play alongside another artist, who will be determined at a later date.

Owner Ryan Bracken, who is in charge of the events at Folklore, said that there have been quite a few artists come by the coffee shop to perform. Sherwood and Lovedrug are some of the better known artists that have headlined shows in the past.
Although some of the acts that come by are groups who are nationally-known, others are more local acts who got their start at the shop. By sending an email to folklorecoffeepresents@gmail.com, a group is able to send a clip of themselves to Bracken, after which he decides who will perform. Groups also find their way to Folklore through word of mouth.

Bracken believes that attendance at the shows is good, considering the fact that the venue does not have alcohol as a way to attract customers. “Most bars make money off of alcohol sales where Folklore makes money elsewhere,” Bracken says. Also at Folklore, there is a cover charge so that the artist receives their pay when they perform and to ensure that the coffee shop does not go over budget.

Bube’s Brewery, located in nearby Mount Joy, also has a variety of live events that attract many people from the college community. Mondays are Mug Club Night, Tuesdays are Trivia with Mike Horn, Wednesdays and Sundays are Wing Night and Thursdays are Open Mic Night with Ryan and Tim. Some other events that also occur at the nearby brewery are DJ Edge’s Frisky Friday Dance Party, which occurs almost every Friday. DJ Edge was also on hand to play music for the St. Patrick’s-themed party.

Some students feel that the entertainment value that they get when they go out on the weekends adds to the atmosphere of the establishment. Senior Lauren Duffy feels that it is nice when there are musical performances that make the experience worthwhile. “It is nice when I go out, and it makes the place really cool and a place where I can hang out with my friends to relax after a long week,“ Duffy said.

Senior Rebekah Frischkorn feels the same way, in that having a live performance adds to her experience when she goes out. “It makes going out fun when you know there is someone performing there. It adds a cool vibe,” she said.

Others feel that it depends on when they go out whether or not live music is a bonus or an annoyance. Junior Zak Schmidt feels that, “If it is later at night, then it’s awesome, but when the music is afternoon to dusk, then it could be annoying when I am trying to have a good time,” he said.

Junior Shannon Bono agreed. She enjoys having background music, as long as the music is low key during the day, but at night she feels differently. “If the music is at night, then any type of music is fine,” Bono said.

Senior Rebecca Wisner believes live music is great to have at coffee shops because it adds fun to the experiences, but, at the bars, it can get in the way of having a good time. “When I go to a bar, I want to dance!” she said.

Junior Zach Link put it in perspective: “Going to a bar or coffee shop without an open mic night is about as purposeful as a kosher BLT.”

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