Cherry Crest Farm and Jason’s Woods provide fun and fright

TEMP ORARY October 27, 2011 0

Junior Rachael Waldman waited in a long line at the graveyard for Jason’s Woods’ Horrifying Hayride in Lancaster, Pa. “You don’t want to sit in the front, back or middle,” she overheard a customer in front of her say. As Waldman continued to walk to the entrance, ghouls lurked around dressed as ex-convicts and crazy clowns, approaching anyone they could sense was afraid. She entered the haunted hayride and heard a chain saw, followed by distant screeches. The ride had begun.

Jason’s Woods is a Halloween activity for the fearless, including the Horrifying Hayride, the Barn of Terror, Pirate’s Revenge, Lost in Jason’s Woods, the Mystery Maze, the Grand Theater and the Carnival of Fear. All of these attractions are described as “bone-chilling” on their website. There are different combo packages you can purchase to participate in more than one activity or you can buy one separately. Waldman only went on the hayride, but this was enough for her.
“Driving to Jason’s Woods I noticed many cars were entering, but I didn’t see any leaving,” she said. Jason’s Woods is eerie, especially in the dead of night with little activity, aside from the ghouls and goblins creeping around the wooded area.

Waldman did enjoy her time on the hayride and was targeted by many of the creatures in the woods as they popped out at her more than anyone else on the ride. “The ghouls love me,” she said. The girl to the left of Waldman was petrified, endlessly screaming, but the teenager to the right remained unfazed. If you dare to enter Jason’s Woods, it is open on Friday and Saturday nights from 7 p.m. until 10 p.m. and Sundays from 7 p.m. until 9 p.m. For more information about the Woods, visit the website at

Those looking for a more low-key fall activity can visit Cherry Crest Farm, located in Lancaster, Pa. as well. Junior Jordan Laliberte attended Cherry Crest recently and participated in the Amazing Maize Maze, 5 acres of paths through fields of corn.

“I thought it was fun that participants piece together a map as they find checkpoints, so as the map gets more complete, people can use it to get closer to remaining checkpoints,” Laliberte said. To start the corn maze, you receive instructions from the staff and clues to maneuver around the obstacles that will last around an hour. The Flashlight Maze held from 6:30 p.m. until 10 p.m. is offered during the first weekend in November.

Cherry Crest has a wagon express ride through the cornfield and a wagon tour of the farm. There is a fudge shop, gift shop and an informational farm education center. Nov. 5 the Pumpkin Madness Festival will be held for the second year. Instead of buying pumpkins to take home as decorations, they are demolished by catapulting, hurling, trampling and dropping them in contests. Cherry Crest is a fun fall activity for anyone. You can learn about agriculture and farming while having a good time. If you are interested in attending Cherry Crest, go to

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