Brothers Pizza: serving locals since 1980

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Brothers Pizza is a small business only a few blocks off campus, located at 256 Market Street. This local pizza shop is in the perfect location for students whether or not they have a car.

The restaurant is open seven days a week, 11 a.m. to 11 p.m., Sunday through Thursday, and 11 a.m. to midnight on Friday and Saturday. Brothers is the perfect spot to go out for dinner or lunch with your friends or to stop by for some late-night food on your weekend outings. Because of the convenient location and array of items it’s easy to see why Elizabethtown College students love Brothers Pizza.

Brothers is also involved in the Passport Program maintained by Student Senate. Created in 2001, the Passport Program was meant to create a “stronger bond between students and local businesses through the use of discounts and special offers.”

The Passport Program features a variety of favored food establishments around Etown. In order to receive the benefits from this program, when entering one of these accommodating businesses, all students have to do is show their ID card to an employee to receive a discount or special offer. This program was created in hopes that students would take advantage of the generosity and support these local food establishments have offered.

The pizzeria offers a variety of items, including pan-baked pizza, stromboli, salad, and a variety of sandwiches, subs, cheesesteaks and grinders. There are also specialty pizzas, such as the margherita pizza, which has three cheeses, plum tomatoes, olive oil and basil, and their four-cheese white pizza with olive oil and garlic. They also have items called “hot ones” which include the Brothers original Slamaroni. The Slamaroni is oven-toasted with salami, ham, pepperoni, mayo, tomato sauce and cheese. Brothers also offers sides including french fries, pizza fries, jalapeno poppers, batter-dipped mushrooms, hot wings and more.

John Brill, the current owner, explained, “We opened in 1980, but I actually started working here as a junior at Elizabethtown High School.” After high school, Brill went off to college and eventually ended up buying the business in 1989.

Brill believes that product quality really separates Brothers from the other pizza shops around town. Brill stated, “You get what you pay for.” He explained that Brothers only uses the finest quality ingredients, which he believes makes a big difference. Brill also believes customer service really sets Brothers apart. He explained that two of the women working the lunch shift with him have been devoted employees for the past 20 years.

One of Brothers most popular items is their cheesesteak; “Numerous customers have told us it’s the best cheesesteak they have ever tasted,” Brill said. These cheesesteaks are made with Amoroso rolls, which they get shipped from Philadelphia six days a week.

Brill believes students like Brothers because it’s so close and easy to walk to, and also because they deliver to the College. Brill also explained that he has a good relationship with the men’s soccer coach, Skip Roderick, and Brothers sponsors Roderick’s tournament once a year. In turn, Roderick sends a lot of visiting teams to Brothers after the games to order a number of pizzas for the ride home, which creates a lot of good business with the College.

It’s no wonder students enjoy Brothers; with their wide variety of food, close location, and the benefits they offer students through the Passport Program, the restaurant has everything students want. Johanne Rauwenoff, a first-year exchange student from Holland said, “I go out to eat with my friends a lot, but I have yet to try Brothers. I plan to try it out in the future though. Maybe I’ll try the cheesesteak since it’s so popular.”

Sophomore Elise Teixido stated, “I’ve been to Brothers Pizza a lot last year. My favorite thing to get is to split a pan-baked cheese pizza with my friends. My friends also get the stromboli a lot and share it. I’ve only gone there a few times this semester, but I plan on making a trip there soon.”

This small business is dedicated to providing the best for its customers and keeping a good relationship with the College and its students. With the quality of their food and friendly service, it’s no wonder Brothers Pizza is such a beloved part of this community.

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