Brighten winter color palette with warm fashion choices

TEMP ORARY February 20, 2012 0

Junior communications major Lizzie Brennan was sitting in the BSC with her coral pashmina wrapped around her head like a babushka. Originally, the contrast of her warm scarf and cool, turquoise jacket caught my eye. As a snowy mess was developing outside, I was looking for some cute winter looks, not unlike Hannah Desmond’s in a previous issue. However, that idea was quickly scrapped upon seeing what was underneath Brennan’s winter wear.

Brennan’s favorite piece of the outfit (and mine as well) was her Charlotte Russe lacy skirt. It provided just the right touch of femininity and romanticism to her otherwise tough looking outfit. The black base of this ensemble allowed for the skirt to take center stage, as well as to balance out the chain necklace and knee-high boots. Something else I couldn’t ignore was Brennan’s perfectly matched nails, which she swears was a mere coincidence. The color? Sally Hensen’s “Lacy Lilac,” a spot-on description of the skirt it matches oh-so-well.

When I saw senior international business and Spanish major Kristen Kilpeck walking out of the Hoover Business Center in a classic trench coat with oversized sunglasses perched on her head, I knew I needed to see what was underneath it all. Being in the business department myself, I can’t deny that the thought of board rooms and office attire excites me. Kilpeck’s outfit is exactly what I picture myself wearing when I grow up: classic, tailored and way different from the suit pants and collared shirts in which I think most professional women feel trapped.

The warm red of Kilpeck’s self-proclaimed Ann Taylor “power dress” is what stood out to me the most. It’s so much more versatile and exciting than black, but still appropriate for an office environment (and maybe even cocktails after a long day at work). The gathered neckline adds interest to this Kate Middleton-esque ensemble, providing even more appeal. The accessories were also perfect: simple drop pearl earrings and neutral Nine West heels. Once again, I couldn’t help but notice her perfectly manicured nails. It really makes a difference, people!

This week’s winner is Stephanie Hartman, a first-year international business student from Chicago, Ill. Hartman’s outfit was the perfect example of street style. Upon talking to her about the Windy City and its style, she said people aren’t afraid to wear color there. That’s a stark contrast from the yoga pant and North Face uniform we seem to see so often here at Elizabethtown College!

I chose Hartman as the winner this week because I felt like I found her outfit in the Nylon Style book my mom got me for Christmas a few years back, not in the Baugher Student Center. This is a look I would normally never be confident enough to try myself, but after seeing how effortlessly Hartman pulled it off, I may have to try it!

Oddly enough, the first thing I always notice about Hartman’s outfits is her orange Urban Outfitters backpack. Carrying a bright yellow one myself, I understand how having a school bag you love can make going to those early morning classes just a little bit easier.

Now, let’s move on to her tights. They’re Hartman’s favorite part of the outfit, and essentially steal the scene combined with the cuffed denim shorts. The story behind them is pretty cute, if I do say so myself. Hartman said she wore them because the snowstorm developing outside mirrored the Fair Isle print. Now, how adorable is that?!

Surprisingly, considering my preoccupation with all things boot, I didn’t notice these DSW knee-high charmers until last. And when I don’t instantly spot something as astonishing as these boots, that’s how you know you’ve absolutely overwhelmed me with a remarkable ensemble.

Finally, my open letter to the Elizabethtown menfolk. Don’t think I only profile lovely ladies in this column; that’s not it at all. It’s just that I have not seen a single male (who doesn’t work for the Etownian) worthy of being in this series. So step up your game, guys! Let’s try to not look homeless and maybe you’ll be lucky enough to find yourself within the folds of this publication.

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