Bike racks to be installed at apartments, quads

TEMP ORARY April 20, 2012 0

New bike racks are being installed at the Hackman Apartments and possibly Schreiber Quadrangle this summer. The project is being undertaken to better protect students’ bikes from harsh weather.

At the beginning of the year, Residence Life told students they were to store their bikes outside. Students started to become frustrated with the situation because of the weather and the lack of security. “My understanding is that weather was the main motivation behind the projects. Students wanted an area more protected from the weather. Of course, security will hopefully be a fringe benefit, and I’m happy about that,” Asst. Director of Campus Security Dale Boyer said. Student Senate came up with the bike rack idea, along with the help of the Facilities Management crew.

Senior accounting major Colin Lynch and sophomore engineering students Matt Klempa and Jack Hess undertook the project, which they also used as credit for class. They were put in charge of designing and creating the bike racks, which would provide more protection from the elements.

An increase in bike thefts was also part of the motivation behind building the new racks. “Thefts have always been an issue,” Boyer said. “If new structures for storage mean a greater likelihood that bikes will be locked and protected from the elements, then it’s a win/win.” With the increased security, students can feel more comfortable leaving their bikes unattended and not have to worry about whether or not they will be taken.

Avid bike rider and first-year John Garbellano is very happy about the new racks. “My bike got stolen a few weeks ago, and I was frustrated with having to keep my bike outside. Now with the new racks, I won’t have to worry so much,” Garbellano said. “Also, my bike won’t rust as much because it will stay dry, so that’s nice too.”

Other students said they are excited about the racks as well. Senior Brain Wenger, a cycling enthusiast, loves the decision to provide better protection and security for bikes. “I have quite a few bikes, and they take up a lot of room in my quad. So the racks [would] give my roommates and I more room while ensuring the protection and safety of my bikes,” Wenger said.

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