Women’s basketball goes for two consecutive wins

Amity Radcliff January 25, 2018 0

Wednesday Jan. 17, 2018 the Elizabethtown College women’s basketball team took on the Drew University Rangers. With the score of 75-52, they received yet another win for the season.

Right in the beginning of the game, the Rangers showed up with a hard defense, not allowing the Blue Jays to make any early baskets. Once the Jays warmed up they were able to sneak their way past the defense and first-year student Veronica Christ made the first basket.

Rangers first-year Julia Ramos was a tough player, especially on the defensive end.

The Jays fought hard, made the most of the rebounds and played an equally hard defense against the Rangers.

“The girls played a great defense. The communication was done very well,” head coach Veronica Nolt said.

The first half of the game was intense with a lot of calls made against Drew. One foul was called as intentional against Blue Jay sophomore Mikayla Ruth.

The audience was vocal to the referees as they missed a few fouls. The head coach of Drew, John Olenowski, was also vocal, and he yelled while spectating his own team from the sidelines.

Christ was a big player in the game, scoring 11 points of Etown’s 75 total points. The second half of the game was taken over by the Blue Jays junior Abby Beyer made a few 3-point shots and made a total of nine points for the team.

Saturday, Jan. 20, the girls played again, this time against the Goucher College Gophers, and received their third straight win with a score of 75-26.

Byer was a strong player in this game, shooting 3-for-3 in the first 1:12 and making the first eight points of the game. Overall, Byer made a total of 18 points for the team’s victory. First-year Ashley Reynolds was also a strong player, getting a rebound early in the game, shooting 12 overall points and making 12 total rebounds.

In the first quarter alone, the Jays were able to make five of their nine shots, leading 20-8 when the quarter ended. Byer and Reynolds combined to score nine points in the second.

The Jays’ defense still played strong in this game and held the Gophers scoreless through the first five minutes of the second half.

Senior Rachel Liszikiewicz made four points at the end of the second quarter, hitting a layup with eight seconds left of the first half. Etown led with 43-13 at halftime. Liszikiewicz made 10 points and five rebounds.

Goucher only managed 13 points in the second half due to the hard defense that the Jays kept. Etown gave up a season low of 10 baskets.

The next game for the Blue Jays will be against Scranton University Saturday, Jan. 27, in Thompson Gymnasium at 4 p.m.

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