Tennis teams strive for repeat titles

TEMP ORARY February 23, 2012 0

Both the men’s and women’s tennis teams at Elizabethtown College have already made efforts to dominate their leagues this upcoming season.

With the start of the spring sports season coming up, many of the sports teams such as tennis, lacrosse and baseball, have started practicing for the tough seasons on the horizon. All of the spring teams have been working exceptionally hard over the past year, including the long winter break. Many athletes are organizing into their team-oriented state of mind to start their long journey throughout the season.

The men’s tennis team has been working extremely hard to prove themselves throughout their demanding non-conference schedule. “We’ve always had a tough schedule, but we’re looking forward to playing and we’ll be ready,” Head Coach Matt Helsel said.

The men’s tennis team now has five out of six starters returning for the upcoming season as well as some new players. Two new players have been added to the men’s roster this year, including first-years Troy Donato and Michael Cannon.

“We’re very happy to have added the two to the team,” Helsel said. Practices have been going rather well for the men’s team; knowing the arduous schedule they have, practices started just over a week ago. Coming up during spring break in March, the team has five tough matches scheduled to prepare them for the upcoming season. The players looking to keep the men’s strong drive to win alive are senior Manrique Arrea, and juniors Billy Freitag, Eric Fritzges, Josh Riehl and Paul Whitman.

The women’s tennis team is dealing with a very tough schedule as well this season. Their practices also started about a week ago and the season looks to be a demanding one, but the team looks to outshine their opponents this season.

“We have a tough non-conference schedule, and the opposing teams have gotten better,” Helsel said. “The team has been practicing hard over the winter hiatus, knowing they have a tough schedule ahead of them.”

The women’s team also has five of six returning starters this season, and they are looking to bring the competition to the courts. The team also has four new players, who were added to the roster this season, including first-year students Sarah Calabro, Christine Evangelista, Haley Kearns and Kaitlyn Pellegrino. All players are also seeking to reign over their tough competitors throughout the season. “The team seems to be in form and are ready to get the season on the road,” Helsel said.

The start of the season for the team over spring break will also commence with five strenuous matches, all of which the team is looking to dominate. Some of the players looking to bring the heat in these matches are returning starters junior Allison Burkhardt, junior Madison Pipkin and senior Sarah Poulle.

As the start of the season quickly approaches, both tennis teams have been practicing well enough in the off-season to prepare for the matches that are upon them. With new players adding depth to both teams, the returning starters will also be looking to prevail throughout the season. As all spring sports are about to kick off, some of the main events will be hosted at Etown’s home courts and both tennis teams are sure to bring a show for their fans.

Both teams have shown impressive results through their early matches and tournaments from the fall preseason and are looking to take the competition to their opponents in the upcoming weeks. The tennis squads are also seeking to improve their numbers and give the opposing squads a good contest and keep their strong drive for victory in the distance and matches to come. The Etown tennis squads have a positive outlook and are looking to own the courts in the season to come.

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