Men’s basketball to host second bowling event after favorable turnout in Spring

Brian Lukacsy October 29, 2014 0

The Elizabethtown men’s basketball team hosted its first annual bowling fundraiser last spring at the Clearview Bowling Lanes in Elizabethtown. The event, which featured raffles, prizes and food, turned out to be a big event for the athletic program and the student body. The bowling fundraiser took place on April 27, bringing in family and friends of current basketball players to enjoy a night of bowling and socializing.

“When we held the bowling event in the spring time, it was a lot of fun and very successful. This time around, with free food, prizes and raffles, not to mention a lot of friends and family that will be in attendance, it is sure to be even more fun,” Coach Bob Schlosser said.

The men’s team will host the event again on November 8 as part of a fan-filled day. The team will host its annual Blue and White scrimmage from 12:00 to 2:00 p.m. followed by the bowling event at the local alley.

“It is a very relaxed environment, and it is away from campus, which gives a lot of students the opportunity to get off campus and have fun when maybe they don’t always have that opportunity,” Schlosser said. “It also gives students and families a chance to interact with all of the members of the men’s basketball team while enjoying an afternoon of bowling.”

The event on November 8 will mark the second time the men’s basketball team will host a bowling event at Clearview Lanes. The men’s lacrosse team recently held a similar bowling event on Homecoming Weekend.

“Last spring, we were looking for something fun and relaxing to do as a team to raise money and get the school involved. We reached out to the bowling alley, not really knowing what to make of a bowling event,” Schlosser said. “The bowling alley had hosted other sports team from the college before, and they handled everything.”

Each player on the men’s basketball team must have four other members on their teams for the event. Students and faculty are welcome to join the festivities on November 8, and there is a $10 charge for each person.

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