Golf appeals to older audience

Amity Radcliff February 1, 2018 0

Golf landed at number ten on the list of Top Ten Sports around the world. The viewership surrounding golf is found more with people who are aged 35 years or above. The younger generation is not as into this sport.

Golf is also known to be an upper class sport, viewed most in the houses of the rich. It reaches the U.S., Japan and parts of Europe that have a wealthier presence.

According to the rules of golf, golf is defined as “Playing a ball with a club from the teeing ground into the hole by a stroke or successive strokes in accordance with the Rules.”

The most well-known golf player, Tiger Woods, was once the highest paid professional sports player of all time. The players get their income through the prize money they win in championships and in endorsement deals.

The biggest championships of golf include The U.S. Open, the Masters Tournament and the PGA Championship. Golf is more prevalent when championships like these are being played and broadcasted on television.

This has hit number 10 on the list because it is not well received by younger people and does not get a lot of social media presence.

Most of the younger generation, although not too keen on professional golf, love mini golf. Mini golf is a well-known activity to play on a nice day with friends and family. It can also be seen as a great bonding activity.

Here at Elizabethtown College, there is a men’s and women’s golf team. The men’s team has been active for a while.

In the last season of the men’s team Etown ended in 24th place in the Elizabethtown Invitational. They placed fifth in the Landmark Fall Conference.

The women’s team on the other hand is a new sport. It was added to the lineup of Etown sports in the fall of 2017. It is still in it’s early stages.

The season will start in the spring and be coached by men’s golf coach, Jim Reed and golf coach Amy Krieder.

Athletic Director Chris Morgan was excited to add women’s golf and is excited to see the program flourish.

Both teams compete in the NCAA Division III level and are members of the Landmark Conference.

An informational meeting will be held for the current and potential players.


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