Blue Jays make save of ducklings on spring break trip in St. Pierce

Brian Lukacsy March 18, 2015 0

When a couple of Blue Jays save fellow feathered friends, it makes for an intriguing news story. The Elizabethtown College baseball team played nine games in Fort Pierce, Fla. over spring break. The team finished 7-2 on their trip, but for two players, it’s not going to be the games they remember most.

On the team’s final night in Florida and on their way to their last team dinner, two players spotted something suspicious. “We smelled smoke, and at first, we just thought it was a barbecue,” sophomore Frank Ragozzino said. Ragozzino and senior Kris Davis found a small fire on the ground, burning right next to a nest of baby ducklings. “I just turned to Kris and said, ‘what if those were our ducklings?’” Ragozzino said. The two players put out the fire and made sure the ducklings were moved to a safe place, away from danger. Ragozzino and Davis, who are known for making heads up plays on the field, made a heads up play off the field and saved a few precious lives in the process.


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