WWEC radio station seeks DJs for spring semester

Kelly Bergh December 8, 2016 0

The WWEC Spring 2017 schedule is now being finalized. On-air opportunities for weekly shows are currently available for all students regardless of major and year. No experience is necessary to become a DJ and training will take place the first two weeks of the 2017 spring semester.

WWEC is “the sound of Elizabethtown,” according to the station’s motto. As Elizabethtown College’s student operated radio station, WWEC operates six days a week, 14 hours a day.

First funded by students in 1961, WWEC has continuously operated to inform, educate and entertain the students of Etown. WWEC is a free format radio station, entirely programmed by students of the College. The station is open to all genres of music.

The opportunity to play whatever appeals to personal preference is praised by students as being one of the main reasons why they enjoy their times in the booth. “I think that the radio station is great because it gives students a place to express themselves. It’s independent; you can do whatever you want,” said Mattie Sweet, a senior who had her own radio show last year for an audio class within her communications major.

Another perk of having a show is the opportunity to collaborate with other students. Up to four people can be in the booth at the same time, allowing for interviews with friends on air.

Listen to WWEC 88.3 FM on your personal radio or in the Jay’s Nest. Even parents and people from outside the station’s five-mile radius can tune in, which many students like because their families and friends can listen.

“I think it is nice that you can listen wherever you are,” said current host Maryanna Gresley. She advertises her show on Facebook to gain traction and encourage people to listen wherever they may be, on campus or off.

The request line for the station is (717) 361-1399.

Interested students should visit the sign up sheet at tinyURL.com/wwec2017. Questions and inquiries can be directed to wwec@etown.edu.


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