Study Abroad Office implements new financial aid policies, requires students to pay extra fee

The Etownian February 15, 2017 0

He believes that “these policy changes are necessary so that the College can continue to maintain a wide range of high-quality study abroad programs for all students.”

Kopko and the staff in the Financial Aid office are willing to meet with any students who have questions about these policies or want additional information about financing their study abroad trip.

Students can also visit the Study Abroad Office in BSC 247 for more information on the study abroad program.

Sophomore Sara Kroboth is an international business major who will be studying abroad in the fall.

She believes that paying the extra fee is ridiculous because she has already put “two years of time and work into the establishment” and does not think she should have to pay extra money to “keep a place in [her] class which [she has], at this point, clearly earned.”

She also does not think that she should have to pay to continue to receive her merit-based aid, due to the fact that she has already earned it.

Sophomore Sarah Pomerantz will also be studying abroad in the fall.

She is an international business major with a Spanish minor, and she will be going to Barcelona with BCA Study Abroad.

Pomerantz believes that the policy is “a good idea in theory, but the implementation was way too fast.”

Due to the scholarships she receives at Etown, paying the price she pays at Etown without considering the price of the flight is less than she would have to pay if she were to have to fund the full study abroad price.

This financial situation also allowed her to look at many different programs in the same area regardless of the differences in the original price while she was deciding where to travel.

Sophomore Josie Stommel is traveling to Granada with SOL Education Abroad.

She believes that it is important for the College to keep the students informed during the process of the changing policies and hopes that, with the changes, “everyone’s needs can be accommodated.”


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