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The Etownian September 29, 2016 0

Student Senate endured another major transitional and productive week that resulted in the most significant of restructures—the resignation of President Kirsten Ambrose.

To begin the meeting, the American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers, or AACRAO, conducted a focus group of the Student Senators to attain a better understanding of what students believe are plausible means for a student leaving or not enrolling in Elizabethtown College. They disseminated our information over the course of an hour. This information will be brought to and processed by Resources and Strategic Planning Council, the administrative group responsible for the new, imminent Strategic Plan as the current one, which has been in place for the past five years, is phased out.

Next on the agenda was a discussion about the concrete projects we plan to implement in the coming year. It was decided that next week we would convene, discuss and vote on the most important projects moving forward. The issue was brought to the floor, but with the absence of time, it was decided we would postpone the topic until next week so that we can gather more info and have more time to deliberate both that topic and the most important of the day: electing a new Executive President.

As former President Ambrose resigned for personal reasons, an immediate election proved necessary so that Senate could carry on serving students without delay. Executive Treasurer Sean Fiedler, who had previously run again Kirsten for President last spring, was given the nod to take on the position. Following the nomination, Canvas served as a platform for the student body to confirm that he is a suitable candidate for the position. The votes affirmed his ability to take on the position, and he was thus elected.

Lastly, Senate reviewed its current logo and decided to make a change. As time passes, Publicity and Marketing, currently chaired by junior Ally Killen, is tasked with keeping Senate current with their logos, brandings, and other marketing materials. Alongside this change, it was decided that we would revamp the website.

Senate is in a storm of change for the better.


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