Strikwerda announces hike in tuition

TEMP ORARY February 23, 2012 0

On Friday, Feb. 17, President Carl Strikwerda issued a notification to the students and families of Elizabethtown College, stating that the total cost of attendance for the 2012-2013 academic year will be raised to $45,600, a 4.5 percent increase from the current rate. Immediately debunking the intensity of the rise, Strikwerda also noted that institutional aid increased by 6.43 percent in 2011, which equates to over $1.6 million. He also mentioned that over the past three years, the College has offered more than $3 million in financial assistance to students. The current distribution is 13 percent higher than in 2009.

“Each year we review the costs of providing a quality educational experience, opportunities for activities and room/board expense. Food and power costs along with the general cost of living increases, both here at the College and for our employees, all translate to the increase in the comprehensive fee,” Strikwerda said in a statement. “We make every effort to offset increases in the comprehensive fee with additional financial aid, student employment opportunities and a rigorous review of the College’s spending.”

The decision was made in conjunction with the Elizabethtown College Board of Trustees. “Investing in academic and student support programs, improving our facilities and offering our students new opportunities to gain global perspectives through study abroad and service experiences, help them become a bigger part of the world around them,” Strikwerda also stated in the initial notification.

The email concluded with a few examples of the growth and progress of the College throughout the last year, including the addition of Dr. Magda Bagnied, the College’s first Fulbright scholar-in-residence, the construction and redesign of the radio station, improvements to athletic venues and the establishment of the Momentum program.

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