Silberstein and Stuckey to present paper, research at Munich conference

Jill Norris April 24, 2013 0

Professor and chair of philosophy Dr. Michael Silberstein and physics professor Dr. Mark Stuckey’s will present their paper, “A Path Integral Over Graphs Approach to Unification and its Foundational Implications,” as one of the five percent of projects accepted to be presented at the Foundations of Physics 2013 conference. This event is the 17th UK and European Meeting Ludwig-Maximilian University (LMU), which will be held in Munich, Germany from July 29 to August 3. Professor of mathematical sciences Dr. Tim McDevitt also contributed to the paper.
Silberstein and Stuckey’s paper examines a new approach to unifying quantum field theory and general relativity, which according to Silberstein is the “holy grail of theoretical physics.” The group of three has been working on this specific project for years and is more than satisfied with the paper’s outcome, as well as their ability to work together. “[Stuckey] is a supernatural savant, meaning he’s shockingly smart in one small area and a colossal moron in every other area of life,” Silberstein explained. “You can’t take him anywhere in polite society. But seriously, Stuckey is one of the most deeply bright and wise people (or aliens) I have ever known. My collaboration with him is the most intellectually satisfying of my life. He is also one of my closest and most valued friends. Surprisingly, after nearly twenty years together, we have never had any of those bad ‘the band is fighting and going break up moments.’ I feel honored to work with him. He inspires me and forces me to bring my A-game.”
The three professors have also taken advantage of each other’s intellectual strengths in this area of study, and have produced a paper worthy of acceptance to the conference. “Silberstein, McDevitt and I constitute the philosophical, mathematical and scientific components, respectively, of this approach to unification,” Stuckey said. “We have published three papers together in the past two years and all components are essential to the project.”
In addition to addressing to new audiences about their research and gaining new feedback, the professors will also be able to directly relate their experiences from attending this conference into their work at Elizabethtown College. “What I’ve learned from research has added material to [various courses at the College],” Stuckey said. “I’ve used my research to correct physics and astronomy textbooks as well as to correct reports in the popular press. I learn to teach and teach to learn. That largely defines me.”
Silberstein will also serve as a scholar in residence for the conference. However, he does not believe that his additional work with the foundation has influenced the professors’ acceptance. “The Society is about the sciences of the mind, our paper is about the foundations of physics, so there is no connection whatsoever,” Silberstein stated.

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