Schlosser shower renovations continuing after winter break

Elizabeth Gipe January 25, 2018 0

In the fall semester, leaks in the second and third floors of Schlosser Residence Hall forced Facilities Management to shut down the showers closest to the stairwell in Schlosser 2-West for safety, since the water began to leak into the lobby.

However, over a month passed and little to no progress was made on shower repairs, which had left only three operational showers for over 40 female residents to use on the floor during that month.

The students of Schlosser 2-West, after having to share only three showers for over a month, then created a petition to have immediate action taken to repair their facilities.

As a result, Facilities Management and Residence Life took action to make the showers functioning as quickly and efficiently as possible for the residents.

Elizabethtown College brought in outside contractors to collaborate with Facilities Management to both apply a temporary caulking and grouting solution to the showers and create patches for the floors and ceilings.

This made the showers operational throughout the remainder of the fall semester.

During testing of the temporary solutions, Facilities Management also decided that another specialist should be brought in over winter break to recommend more permanent solutions with the bathroom flooring, which was recognized as the problem that led to the leaks.

Over winter break, Facilities Management brought in a structural engineer to examine the showers. The structural engineer used test pits in three different shower locations, one of which was the location where the leaks occurred in the fall.

Through this, the structural engineer was able to assess the conditions of the grout, the concrete sub-floor systems, tiles and waterproofing membranes.

The results determined that the structural integrity of the concrete sub-floor and support systems were not compromised because of the leaks and moisture penetration, which means that there is no need for intensive repairs or demolitions.

Patchwork was done on the concrete and an epoxy surface was installed so that the shower repairs would be waterproof.

“The Facilities Planning and Construction Committee and Facilities Management was committed to a thorough evaluation of the existing conditions for safety and functionality and wanted to make sure that we were not just patching over a serious existing issue,” Director of Facilities Management Mark Zimmerman said.

However, Thursday, Jan. 19, another leak occurred in the Schlosser showers. This time it affected the showers furthest from the stairwell on Schlosser 3-West.

The showers on the third floor experienced a clog, which caused water to flow into the Schlosser 2-West bathroom. Facilities Management contacted a plumber to assist in addressing the issue, and the bathrooms and showers were reopened by Friday, Jan. 20.

The repairs that were done on the showers over winter break are not the only repairs that are planned for Schlosser.

Facilities Management is collaborating with local contractors to schedule repairs over summer break to the sub-floor system and to install epoxy flooring to the showers that require it.

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