Renovations to Lake Placida approach completion

Jill Norris January 31, 2013 0

Elizabethtown College officials have formally announced the completion of the recent renovations to Lake Placida. The renovations were a part of the College’s efforts to reduce, reuse and recycle, according to the official statement.
Numerous set-backs, such as poor weather, extended the lake’s time under construction. Despite its postponed date of completion, the work on Lake Placida is finally concluded.
The wellbeing of local wildlife was one of the College’s main concerns during the renovations. Members of Facilities Management will not only restock the native fish, but have taken measures to ensure their repopulation and healthy growth. This was accomplished through the installation of fish habitats and spawning areas along the lake’s perimeter that appear to be piles of rubble.
Basking logs have also been installed to the shallows of the lake to welcome turtles back as they return to the lake.
The walking bridge and dam located along College Avenue have also been reopened to pedestrians. They were officially opened on Jan. 9. However, faculty and staff members of Facilities Management, as well as the College, warn the public to be cautious while utilizing the updated bridge until non-skid coating is installed on the bridge’s surface. This is especially true during severe and stormy weather.
While the majority of construction is already completed, there are still smaller projects underway, like the bridge’s coating, before the lake project is entirely finished. These projects include lake perimeter plantings and the refilling of the lake.
“Refilling of the lake is underway and is a slow process,” stated the College’s official statement. The lake’s water level is only able to rise at a maximum rate of 12 inches every 24 hours.
However, the slow refilling of the lake also allows the soil in the dam to “saturate gradually to maintain the integrity of the dam,” the statement continued.
Students, faulty and staff members should contact Director of Facilities Management Joe Metro with any questions or concerns at

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