Prospective students compete for business scholarships

Amanda Jobes February 2, 2017 0

Elizabethtown College’s 2017 annual Business Scholarship Competition was held Saturday, Jan. 28 on campus for students looking for extra financial assistance.

Prospective and current Etown students attended the event and competed for one of the many scholarship awards available to them through funding from those who support the cause.

In past years, the Business Scholarship Competition has featured at least 20 different substantial awards of $1,000 per year and higher.

While one of the awards cannot be re-applied for after one year, the rest of the awards can be renewed for all four years at the College as long as the recipient keeps up a steady GPA of at least 2.75.

Even students who have already received some form of Etown scholarship or financial aid are still permitted to participate and win an award in the competition.

Generous donations from Etown alumni, retired faculty and even other companies over the years have made this annual competition possible.

These donations have also assisted the College with helping out its students financially by rewarding them for their hard work and dedication in their fields of study.

This year, the scholarship competition started off at 9 a.m. with registration and a continental breakfast in the Gibble Auditorium in the Masters Center on campus.

At 9:30 a.m., after having some time to eat and talk to their peers and faculty, the students and parents were welcomed to the event.

After that, attendees had a chance to formally meet and speak with faculty, current students and alumni of the business department.

Starting at 11 a.m. the students made their way next door into the Hoover Center for Business in order to commence with the scholarship competition.

Meanwhile, their parents remained in Gibble for a question-and-answer session on important financial aid and admissions information.

A lunch period for both parents and students followed at 12:15 p.m., and students ended the day by receiving a campus tour at 1 p.m.

The business scholarship competition’s main purpose is not only to help attract students and increase their interest in the College and everything it has to offer.

It is also designed to increase interest in the business program, which includes four different four-year majors that students can pursue.

The major with the greatest interest and population in the business department is business administration.

However, many students also choose to seek degrees in accounting, international business and economics.

All of these majors can provide valuable skills in areas such as marketing, finances, management, entrepreneurship and other crucial parts of business education.

According to associate professor of marketing Dr. Bryan Greenberg, the scholarship competition helps to “demonstrate to prospective students what we are all about.”

He said that the organizers of the event are proud of the positive results it brings toward the College and its current enrollees.

“It reflects on the good work that we do,” Greenberg said in regards to attendance and participation at the scholarship competition both this year and in past years.

In addition, the competition has a long history of helping to bring prospective students from different backgrounds to campus.

This is just one opportunity of many to increase the number of incoming high school graduates at Etown.

College enrollment has recently been dropping all across the state of Pennsylvania, according to “The Morning Call” website.

Many legislators have even been considering combining or closing some of the state universities.

“The Etownian” also reported in the Sept. 15, 2016 issue that first-year student enrollment has significantly decreased at the College, even just within the last few years.

Therefore, there is a growing need for ways to increase student enrollment—not just at Etown, but at many other colleges and universities acoss the whole state.

With the minor funding offering chances for financial help at the College, Greenberg has said that he is glad for the scholarship competition’s success and the opportunities it presents for prospective students.

Those looking for more information about the Business Scholarship Competition, or about the department as a whole, can feel free to contact the Etown business department by calling toll free at (717) 361-1270.

The department also has a page on the College website at


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