Payroll office goes ‘green,’ paperless by Corey Aspril

Corey Aspril January 31, 2013 0

The payroll office recently decided to go green by putting all student deposit statements online instead of sending a paper copy in the mail.
Cheryl Way, student employment coordinator, said, “Having these statements online, students will be able to have all their records of every payroll statement they have ever made and gives the students more time to look at their statements.”
Although this “going green” payroll concept may prove to be effective in the long run, some are apprehensive about the possible drawbacks. However, the Payroll Office is aware of these possible issues and is taking steps to alleviate them. “Concerns of this are that students may not know when the pay dates are. The challenge is getting students used to the idea of knowing the dates of the payment, which you can find the dates on the College Student Employment website,” Way said.
Students will receive direct deposit statements electronically through Jayweb, just as they receive their online billing statements. Not only does it support the sustainability efforts of the College’s to make better use of resources, but sending the payroll electronically to the students will also make better use of faculty members’ time.
Faculty and staff will still receive their statements via their campus mailbox. “With sustainability efforts means that we on campus rethink how we do things and the paperless payroll statement supports the College’s sustainability,” Way said. With this new payroll all students can expect an easier way to view their payroll now and should not expect paper payments in the mail any longer.

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