Janisewski becomes assistant director of Prestigious Scholarships, Fellowships

Karley Ice September 19, 2013 0

oel Janisewski has been hired as the new assistant director of Prestigious Scholarships and Fellowships at Elizabethtown College. Janisewski works to raise awareness about the prestigious scholarships and fellowships available to Etown students. These prestigious scholarships and fellowships are nationally competitive and support study abroad opportunities, independent research and graduate study for those who receive them.

“I work to educate students about prestigious scholarship and fellowship opportunities, help students find relevant opportunities and then assist them as they navigate the application process,” Janisewski said. He also works closely with the advisors, either faculty or staff, of each applicant during the application process. Janisewski typically meets with students who have interest in applying and want more information, discusses current applications with those in mid-process, talks with various foundations about other scholarships and accomplishes various tasks to help the program run smoothly.

Janisewski was previously the program associate for the Called to Lead Program on campus. Before coming to Etown, he worked in Illinois for a nonprofit community organization that focused on community development issues, grant writing and community education. Previously, he worked in Connecticut for an education start-up program where he mentored students in the process of completing high school and looking to continue their education at college or graduate school. “I have a track-record of working as an educator in non-traditional and now more traditional settings,” Janisewski said.

Janisewski appreciates working in a small liberal arts environment. “I enjoy meeting students from across the College every day,” Janisewski said. “It’s the best part of the work I do. I also am proud to work at an institution that works to take ‘Educate for Service’ seriously.”

There are more than 20 different scholarships and fellowships available to Etown students. Scholarships are available for a variety of different areas and are specific to a student’s course of study, academic year and plans for the future. Janisewski also helps students polish their future plans to assist them in the overall process of the application. To be eligible, a student must have a strong grade point average and a strong plan for their application. Opportunities that applicants have taken advantage of include studying abroad, researching with faculty and writing their senior thesis. Etown students have won Rhodes, Davies-Jackson, Goldwater and Fulbright scholarships.

“My main goals are to work to ensure that more students know about prestigious scholarship and fellowship opportunities each year, and that as a result, more students are applying for these kinds of awards,” Janisewski said. He wants to continue to expand his work with faculty and staff, increasing the number of people on campus that are working toward helping students pursue these prestigious scholarships and fellowships.

He encourages students to talk to him for more information or to talk with their advisors about these opportunities. Janisewski also recommends visiting the website of the Prestigious Scholarships and Fellowships program, as it will soon feature updated information.

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