First Battle of the Buildings event takes place on Brinser Field

Kelly Bergh September 11, 2015 0

Saturday, Aug. 29 marked the start of the new year-long event that is taking the Elizabethtown College campus by storm. Battle of the Buildings is a series of games that will be taking place throughout the next several months, pitting residents of each of the Etown residence halls, Quads and apartments against one another to determine the champion housing option.
The Office of Student Activities is responsible for setting up this series of events. Almost every student employee of SWEET was involved in the games—most working at one of the game stations, of which there were over half a dozen.
Seemingly the most popular, the fishbowl toss had a line of about twenty people at any given time, with twenty students winning fish throughout the night. The beanbag and Frisbee tosses attracted many players as well, and the Jenga tables were full the whole night. The three-legged race pitted same-dorm duos against one another in the most klutzy of ways, and ladder golf tested the hand-eye coordination skills of Etown students residing all around campus.
People also flocked to find junior psychology major Alisha Curreri, an employee of OSA, sporting an American flag headband that students were encouraged to find to receive a bonus for their team. Curreri was proud of her fellow SWEET employees, stating that they planned the first Battle of the Buildings event to the absolute best of their ability in the short amount of time given.
“It was a breakout success,” agreed senior business and professional writing major Lindsay Sympson. SWEET estimated between 60 and 80 attendees and would like to see just as many show up to their future events.
“I thought Battle of the Buildings was a fun way to build dorm pride, meet up with friends from other dorms and just enjoy some games in the sunny weather,” Kelly Zielinski, a sophomore occupational therapy major, said.
As of now, the top dorms are Myer with 300 points, Schlosser with 250 and Brinser with 200. The total number of games won by each dorm’s students determined the points each hall walked away with. “The winner with the most points at the end of the year will win a 5’4” trophy and a SWEET surprise,” sophomore Sitara Ramjit, who is organizing the series, said. “Look out for the Battle of the Buildings logo for other events on campus hosted by SWEET to earn more points.”
The next SWEET event will be this Friday, Sept. 4 at 8 p.m. in Leffler Chapel and Performance Center. For more information on upcoming events and the Battle of the Buildings, stop by the Hub in the BSC.

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