ECHotline replaces past incident report form

Brian Lukacsy April 30, 2014 0

Elizabethtown College has replaced its Crime Incident Report Form with the new ECHotline. The old form that was used to report suspicious, illegal or improper activity is no longer available.

The new ECHotline gives Etown students and employees the opportunity to report incidents in a confidential, toll-free and web-friendly way. The 24/7 ECHotline is an easy and secure medium. Moreover, it is not a general complaint hotline and should be used only for matters involving suspected illegal activity, violations of college procedures and policies or federal, state and local laws or regulations.

“Students, faculty and staff can anonymously report a concern to campus officials and be assured it will be reviewed in a timely manner and action taken as appropriate,” Leo Sokoloski, director of campus security, said.

Even with the new ECHotline, students and employees can choose to send a letter addressed to The Network if they prefer. The Network is an outside service provider that manages the compliance hotline.

After a report is made, The Network notifies the respective college staff members, who then determine an appropriate response to the issue. The anonymous reporting is optional for students and employees who don’t want to provide personal information through filing a report.

The College and the Network agency will do its best to keep filing information confidentially.

The new system also has several different language selections, which get translated back to the user.

Also, for each complaint submitted via telephone or web intake, a code number is given to the reporter. The reporter can use the code to follow the status of ongoing investigations.

“I believe [Etown] provides many safe guards for students, and this is just one example of the College’s efforts to keep Etown a safe campus,” Sokoloski said.

To file a report via telephone to the ECHotline number, call (855) 696-1899. Students and employees can also submit a complaint through the ECHotline website.

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