Daily log of crimes available to all members of campus community

Samantha Seely October 14, 2017 0


Many students know that Campus Security handles crime and conflict on campus, but few are aware that Campus Security posts a daily log of crimes and fires that occur on campus on the Elizabethtown College website.

The report details the type of incident, when it occurred, when it was reported, the location on campus where it happened and whether the case has been closed or referred to a different agency.

Although victims of the crimes in the report remain confidential, people arrested as a result of the offenses will have their identities disclosed.

Logs dating back to September 2016 are available on the College’s website. On average, there are 10 reports made each month, but some months have as many as 20 reports or as few as one.

“The average number of reports varies widely depending on the time of year,” Campus Security Director Andrew Powell said. “The fall and spring semesters are always busier than the summer.”

Most of the reports in the daily crime log involve alcohol violations and occasionally drug-related incidents. However, in the past month there has been an increase in vandalisms and thefts on campus, with most of the vandalisms occurring along Cedar Street and S. Mt. Joy Street, while the thefts took place in more varied locations across campus.

Data of campus crimes and other emergencies is gathered through reports that students, faculty and staff make to Campus Security.

These reports can be made by calling the Campus Security phone number, through anonymous tip lines or through the LiveSafe app.

Additionally, the Campus Security office, located at 605 S. Mt. Joy Street on the corner of Mt. Joy and Arch Street, is open 24/7 and individuals may come in person to report an incident.

“In most cases, an officer will respond to your location and conduct an interview and a preliminary investigation, if needed, to collect as much information as possible to include in their report,” Powell said.

After the reports have been made, they are reviewed by Powell, who classifies them for the final published report.

“All reports are investigated, and they are either closed or referred to the appropriate agency,” Powell said. “For example, if the report involves a violation of the Student Code of Conduct, that report is referred to the Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities.”

Students should definitely take a look at the report from time to time to be more aware of what is happening around campus for their own safety. This can be especially useful in situations where there may be a series of crimes near their dorms or LLCs.

“The Daily Crime and Fire Log is meant to make community members aware of what has been reported to Campus Security so that they can make informed decisions about their own personal safety,” Powell said.

When crimes, especially those involving assault or theft occur, it can be worrying for many students. Looking at the Daily Crime Log may give insight to when students should take more precautions, in addition to clearly showing how these events are being handled by Campus Security to make Etown a safer community.

“While I haven’t had personal interactions with Campus Security, I applaud them for making Etown a safe and comfortable place for me,” first-year Etownian copy editor Grace Gibson said. “I like that the information in the Daily Crime Log is available, and I might examine it in the future.”


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