Absence of Res. Life director causes position changes

Adam Landes February 6, 2013 0

While Director of Residence Life Allison Bridgeman is on maternity leave, Assistant Director Susan Asbury will fill Bridgeman’s position and the duties that accompany it until Bridgeman returns to her post at Elizabethtown College.
Because Bridgeman informed Asbury of her temporary position change during the fall 2012 semester, Asbury had ample time to work with Bridgeman to gain the knowledge needed to perform her job adequately and to prepare for her increase in responsibility. “[The] support of the Etown staff and assistance from colleagues are a major part of my success,” Asbury stated.
As interim director of Residence Life, Asbury now oversees the office and initiatives related to resident assistants (RA) and residence learning programs and also supervises area coordinators (AC) in addition to the College’s Living Learning Communities, such as the Student-Directed Learning Communities (SDLC), most of which are located off-campus.
Asbury was not the only Residence Life employee affected by Bridgeman’s absence. “Everyone pitched in to fill my old duties and pick up the extra slack,” Asbury said. Calvin Gilcrist is one member of Residence Life who took on the responsibilities of Asbury’s permanent position.
When faced with the recent position changes, Asbury saw it as a chance to better her work within the office of Residence Life. “It gives me the opportunity to see this office in a different light, one that I never knew existed,” she said.
One of Asbury’s goals while filling in for Bridgeman is to maintain the welcoming atmosphere of Residence Life that she credits to Bridgeman’s work. “[I want] students to still feel like they can reach out to me and the office to provide service and assistance,” Asbury said.

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