‘Tag the ’Town’ event shows gratitude for donor’s gifts

Ally Rohland April 24, 2013 0

f you strolled around campus this week, you most likely saw blue and white tags blowing in the breeze on lamp posts and stuck to the walls of offices, buildings and equipment. And like most faculty, staff and students, you were probably wondering what was the importance behind these tags.

From April 22—26, the Office of Development sponsored its first ever “Tag the ’Town” event. “Tag the ’Town” is a special event held to recognize donor generosity in enabling the College to be the institution that it is today. Donations given by alumni, families, friends, faculty, staff, foundations, corporations and many others encompass more than students recognize. Founders Residence Hall, Tempest Theatre, Information and Technology Services (ITS), Leffler Chapel and Performance Center, elevators and even the columns of Steinman are all part of campus due to gifts from donors.

“We wanted a fun and creative way to thank our donors for their generous gifts this year by tagging everything on campus that was funded by a donor. It was an exciting and fun opportunity to better inform the college and local communities of the many ways in which we benefit from donor support. Seeing all of the tags will help to build a sense of philanthropy throughout the campus as well.,” said Assistant Director of the Annual Fund Kaitlyn Miller.

During the event, over 200 tags that read “An E-town donor did this for you” and “Thank you E-town donors” hung from buildings, classrooms, equipment and other various facilities on campus. Even the Blue Jay Mascot uniform was tagged.

“I work a lot with the students so it was rewarding to hear them talking about all of the tags they had seen throughout the day on their way to class, in the marketplace, and in dorm halls,” said Miller.

Not only physical facilities were recognized, but also donors’ scholarship gifts were acknowledged online. Recipients of donors’ scholarships were featured on the College’s website including seniors Nicholas Clemens, Samuel Ceron and Kimberly Welker; junior Elizabeth Rall; and first-year student Audrey Barrett. Clemens said of “Tag the ‘Town”’s importance, “Sometimes there’s a disconnect between seeing what you’re given and what’s resulted. I’m sure donors want to see directly an example of why you should keep giving back and pass on a legacy. It encourages students to donate, as well. It’s definitely a cyclical process.” Clemens feels that donor support helps to maintain and improve the Etown education he both appreciates and admires.

In addition to the tags, the Office of Development and Office of Marketing and Communications are collaborating on a video outlining the event that will be featured on the College’s website. To find out more about buildings, equipment and scholarships made possible by donations visit http://www.etown.edu/offices/development/tagthetown.aspx.

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