Into the Streets provides chance to volunteer in community

Emily Drinks October 30, 2014 0

Into the Streets is part of how Elizabethtown College fulfills its motto of “educate for service.” Into the Streets is a yearly event that happens on a Saturday. The event allows students to volunteer with different organizations and is geared toward helping the community. Each year different clubs and organizations at the College can put together groups to participate in Into the Streets.

    This year’s Into the Streets was on Saturday, Oct. 25. It had more than 500 participants, and approximately 40 community organizations and homes participated from the Elizabethtown community. Students performed tasks ranging from painting curbs to delivering food to helping children learn Spanish.

    Into the Streets provides a variety of different service-oriented opportunities for students. Depending on the organization an individual works with, the organization may be helping at a youth center, working on improving community streets and sidewalks or cleaning the yard and house of an individual in the community.

    The day is designed to give students an opportunity to do community service and challenge them to volunteer on a regular basis. The event helps student leaders to learn about being leader in the community. Another goal is to help students become more service-oriented and foster a since of community among the students.

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