One Elle of a Night greatly aids foundation

TEMP ORARY January 26, 2012 0

Leffler Chapel played host to the fundraiser, “One Elle of a Night,” Friday, Jan. 20 to benefit the Elle Foundation, which started about three years ago in memory of Lauren “Elle” Richmond, sister of Elizabethtown College senior Dana Richmond. The event was hosted by junior Brian Booker and senior Gabe Robison and featured performances by Melica, Phalanx, Vocalign, Illumina and Mr. Etown 2011, senior Dan Silver.

All of the money raised from the event went toward the Elle Foundation to support children with cancer. The foundation was created by Elle’s family after she was diagnosed with chordoma at the age of 10. “It gives children with cancer a chance for joy in their life,” Booker said.

The foundation was first constructed through the Make-A-Wish Foundation as well as the Marty Lyons Foundation when Elle wished to help give second chances to children with cancer. The Marty Lyons Foundation ultimately wanted to help Elle with her fight against cancer and make her second wish a reality by publishing an astonishing collection of poems entitled “Black and Brown Markers.” The fundraiser is not the only source of money for the foundation, as donations are also accepted through their website, The mission for the event this year was to raise more than $2,000. However, the fundraiser helps generate awareness for the foundation in ways that the website cannot.

Anyone who is looking to get involved with the foundation can do so through the website. “We are constantly looking for people to help us out,” Richmond said. Those interested in working with the foundation can provide additional aid by volunteering for future events in which the foundation is featured, which can be located on their website.

“One Elle of a Night” was a major success in its efforts. This is the only fundraiser associated with the Elle Foundation at the College, so entertainment featured at this event is geared toward the students. Because “One Elle of a Night,” is the only event at Etown that features this charity, the main emphasis was to generate donations for the foundation and to increase awareness for the cause.

The money raised is given to the foundations for children with cancer to help give them some form of happiness in their lives. The fundraiser has become one of the most popular charitable events at the College, due to the performances by the students and also from the outstanding effort to contribute to the event. The event, which was sponsored by Student Senate, was considered a major success for the foundation, which will continue to fundraise nationally throughout the year.

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