Nice lace and naughty leather: Get the best of both for Spring

Elizabeth Brennan February 3, 2013 0

New year, new you! Starting now you’re going to the gym, beginning your projects early and adhering to a stricter budget. Yeah, it’s easy to say, but let’s be real, it’s difficult to go from zero to 60 in 3.5. You need a transitional period to let the old you adjust to the new you. Fashion isn’t any different. There are plenty of trends from last season that are being carried into spring 2013. In fact, you might already have them in your closet.
Don’t throw away your leather just yet; it’s still trending for spring! As you may remember, leather owned the fall/winter runways in 2012. Designers such as Alice + Olivia and Vivienne Westwood created entire ensembles out of leather. This season, more commercial designers have teamed up to keep leather around. Today you can get affordable leather products anywhere from Forever 21 to Target.
So what’s changed? Spring leather is more lightweight and flexible than its winter counterpart. Spring leather also comes in a variety of cuts, colors and silhouettes. With so many options, it’s easy to find the right piece for you. Have a painting class? Show off your creative side by pairing a white blouse with a yellow a-line leather skirt and accessorize with a green pendant necklace and a soft pink hat. Want to make your peers in Esbenshade envy you? Throw on some burgundy leather pants with black combat boots and an oversized black sweater.
Vegans, believe it or not, you can join in this trend too! Most “leather” products sold at retailers are actually faux leather so you don’t have to be afraid of comprising your ethics. Check the tag of a garment or ask a sales person to confirm if the piece is fake leather or not. You can also visit to learn more about fake leather materials and trusted vegan designers. From one vegan to another, I would not lead you astray.
Another trend that’s sticking around is lace. In the fall/winter 2012 season, lace clothing was thick, loosely held together and often came in darker gothic colors. For spring 2013, designers such as Alexander McQueen and Roberto Cavalli have decided lace is returning to its romantic roots. Lace clothing will be light, tightly stitched and sheer.
Because lace has generally always been light and loose fitting, you probably have a few pieces in your wardrobe right now! If not, you can find lace pieces virtually anywhere from boutiques like American Eagle and Charlotte Russe to department stores like JC Penney and Macy’s. Lace is also extremely versatile so it can help create a professional, alluring or carefree look.
If you’re a savvy businesswoman with a passion for fashion, try wearing a powder blue lace top over a matching camisole paired with a white skirt and nude heels at your next presentation. Going to Port’s next Thursday? Wear a black bustier under a long-sleeved black lace top with a black bodycon skirt and spiked shoes. That oddly warm day where everyone studies in the Dell? Put on a teal high-low shirt and purple lace short shorts with your best sunglasses and sandals.
Lightweight and sheer lace will likely take over the beach scene in the summer so stock up on lace cover-ups to wear during T.G.I.S. and all the other events on campus!

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