Master musician performs concert in Zug Memorial Hall

TEMP ORARY January 26, 2012 0

Whether you pride yourself on being musically inclined, an aspiring musician, or just a music lover, Zug Recital Hall is the place you should be. On Jan. 26, Dr. Christy Banks, assistant chair of the music department at Millersville University, will introduce Elizabethtown College to her innovative clarinet style. This free performance will take place at 7:30 p.m.

Assisted by Joan Allen on the piano, Banks will perform compositions that span over 200 years, visiting many different genres, and even playing one written by her husband, Rusty Banks. In her performance, Banks will play many compositions ranging in style from Italian romantic to contemporary. Her diverse program will demonstrate to the music students her versatile abilities and talents as a leading interpretive artist in the field, Faith Shiffer, adjunct instructor of clarinet and saxophone at Etown, said.

For those at Millersville University, Banks is not only the assistant chair of the music department, but she is also a clarinet and saxophone instructor, as well as a music professor. For those at Etown, Banks might be best known by students for her past involvement teaching clarinet master classes at Etown’s summer music camp. According to Shiffer, Banks also coached some of Etown’s students at Millersville University’s Single Reed Symposium, which is held each April.

Likewise, Shiffer is no stranger to the Millersville music scene. She covered for Banks’ studio at Millersville for part of last spring semester when Banks was unable to be there for medical reasons. As a way of expressing her gratitude to Shiffer, Banks agreed to appear at the upcoming clarinet performance.

Banks has had the opportunity to perform in many places. According to Millersville University, Banks performed in countries such as Germany and Austria, but has also played much closer to home, such as at the Harrisburg Symphony, the Lancaster Symphony and the Reading Symphony. She has taught at many different universities across the country and has experienced the world of music in many different places in her life. While clarinet seems to be her passion, she has also studied the saxophone, the flute and the oboe.

Because of all of her experience, Banks is in a position to be a very influential role model for those who aspire to be successful in the musical world, such as the music students at Etown. Banks’ performance will not only show the students her talent and abilities, but will also display the diversity in the music she plays. It will be an opportunity to challenge listeners to hear the difference in genre and age of the compositions and allow them to further appreciate the evolution of music over time. For those who are not involved in the fine and performing arts department, it is a chance to see a free concert which may open their eyes to new types of entertainment.

For those studying fine and performing arts, Shiffer feels that this performance will be very beneficial. “Some members of the campus community are already aware of the intrinsic artistic value of a guest recital. They will come to learn more about music, to grow as music appreciators, and to offer their support in this performance experience,” Shiffer said.

Shiffer is hopeful that this performance will not only inspire those already involved in the fine and performing arts here at Etown but will also give others a greater appreciation for the arts. “A live performance can only come to life if it has listeners. I would encourage anyone reading about this recital come and hear Dr. Banks perform!”

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