Career Palooza celebrates professional development through trivia

Katie Weiler October 20, 2017 0

Elizabethtown College’s career center hosted its annual Career Palooza event in the Baugher Student Center and Blue Bean. The event lasted from 5 to 7 p.m. and featured a variety of interactive games for students to learn about the services that the office provides.

Senior Matthew VanCleef is a student assistant who had helped with career events in the past.

“This event is more interactive,” VanCleef said.

The interactive games included Jeopardy and Headbandz. There were also tables where students could make a vision board for themselves, inspired by things one may find on pinterest.

Junior Ashlan Ruth is also a student assistant, and this was her first time at the event.

“The best part is learning what career services does and getting good tips,” Ruth said.

The questions asked at the Jeopardy table were ones that pertained to either careers, majors or internships.
The event also offered food, such as blue and white cupcakes to share the Blue Jay’s color with some school spirit.

First-year Jimmy Shiffer said he was curious about the event after he walked by. After stopping in to look around and participate in some of the games, he felt he knew a little more about Career Services.

“I think there are things I know about careers and going through the job market and things that I can still learn,” Shiffer said.

Every participant in the Career Palooza event signed in and received a raffle ticket. Students could fill out the raffle ticket by playing certain games or creating an inspiration board and receiving a hole punch in their card from the activity leader.

The winner of the raffle would then receive a $25 gift card. Any student who filled out the raffle card got to pick from a table of prizes as well.

The prizes offered were mugs with a picture of Etown Blue Jays, decals sporting the College’s name and mascot, as well as water bottles that keep our fellow Blue Jays hydrated.

The event was scheduled right before the well-known marshmallow game against Messiah College.

Overall, the event was filled with fun activities for students to participate in and gave them a chance to learn some more about career support, as well as earn some prizes.

Other resources from Career Services include one-credit career courses. The course CP 171 “Mapping Career Goals and Job Shadowing” is for rising sophomores.
In addition CP 172 “Professional Skills Development and Defining Career Goals” and CP 173 “Planning for Career and Graduate School” are for rising juniors and seniors respectively.

The rising sophomore one-credit class focuses more on career development and networking skills, whereas the junior one-credit class develops their professional skills with the creation of resumes and cover letters.

The rising senior one-credit course focuses more on preparing for graduate school and career placement by developing verbal and written presentation skills.

Ultimately, all the one-credit courses that Career Services provide give students the chance to expand their professional repertoire using a wide variety of resources.

The event also offered students the chance to sign up for the Handshake application that connects students to potential employers in a fast and convenient way.
For any career advice or questions on the services that Career Services provide, please reach out to them at or stop by their office to make an appointment.

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