Campus fashionistas bundle up in preparation for winter

TEMP ORARY November 14, 2012 0

Hello all of you fashion-philes! The hurricane fudged up our production schedule a little, so you’ve gone without your campus fashion fix for way too long. It seems that this year the winter weather completely skipped over the warm fall temperatures that make the season so enjoyable for me. I should not be sitting in front of my fireplace enjoying hot chocolate right now – that’s such a December thing. Anyway, I have three lovely ladies to feature that caught my eye with their perfect outfits.
The first thing I noticed about junior sociology/anthropology major and Spanish minor (that’s a mouthful!) Jen Preston was her new, short haircut. I’ve seen her around before, and instantly knew that something was different. You see, she just turned 21, and whenever you hit one of those milestones, you just have to change your hair. I did it, celebrities do it, ergo it must be universal.
I got a military chic vibe from her navy blue pea coat, a bargain buy from Wet Seal, and the tall black boots. Normally I’m not big on mixing black and blue, but the black leggings tied the look together. Brass toned jewelry is perfect for fall, and I loved the long necklace. Also, I couldn’t help but notice the rings Jen was wearing: they made a really eclectic look. All but one was purchased from those glorious little vendors that come to the Brossman Commons concourse. The one ring that isn’t from a vendor here is a promise ring Jen’s dad gave her mom. Isn’t that sweet?! I know my cold little heart melted.
Sophomore theatre major Taylor Luckenbill not only gave a heart-wrenching performance as Blanche DuBois in the College’s production of “A Streetcar Named Desire” but also rocked the Canadian tuxedo look. It wasn’t the bright, Charlotte Russe shirt that grabbed my attention, but the obviously vintage jean and sheepskin jacket. My suspicions were correct: it was a Goodwill snag and the only jacket Taylor has, hence the double denim look. I asked her how she felt about that, and she was pretty candid, telling me that she’s not against it at all, as long as the colors aren’t the same. I feel like the Minnetonka moccasins gave the look a totally Lewis and Clark, Western frontier vibe and I absolutely love it. With her strawberry blonde hair and just overall ethereal look, she could totally be in a magazine.
The next lady featured is a pretty funny story. I interviewed her first, and was really happy with how her outfit was put together. Then I continued on my little way and realized that I DIDN’T ASK HER FOR HER NAME. I really liked her basic green cargoes mixed with the faux leather jacket. The quilted shoulders and sleek silver tone accents added a high fashion Karl Lagerfeld does Chanel-y flair, which was a nice alternative to the classic pea coat. Underneath the jacket, she was wearing what looked like the most comfortable Old Navy sweater. Keep it on the DL, but I actually wanted to take it. The outfit was polished off with a boho chic headband her friend (who was with her) got her. So, mystery girl, I don’t know your name, or your major or really anything about you, but your style … I’m diggin’ it.

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