Bower Writers House offers comfortable environment for conversation, relaxation during Mellow Monday event series

Emily Drinks March 18, 2015 0

The Bower Writers House offers a unique opportunity to students with Mellow Mondays, a time for students to relax after the weekend and prepare for the upcoming week. Mellow Mondays are held every Monday from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. March 9 through April 27.

Director of the Bowers Writers House and Lecturer in English Jesse Waters wanted to open up to students a place that was “of the campus but not on the campus,” he said. “I wanted to create an environment in which students could come and have an experience at the Writers House that was more along their own sense of ownership and agency.” Waters wanted an event for students that was more casual and would allow them to feel as though the Bowers Writers House was their own.

The Bowers Writers House acts as a space and environment that can be more comfortable than dorm rooms or at times the Blue Bean or Bird Cage. “You’re walking 75 yards away from campus. This isn’t a classroom. It’s a house, and it’s built like a house, and it’s got the kind of comforts of a house,” Waters emphasized. He returned to the idea of it being a space owned by the campus, but that is separate from the campus and offers an inviting change of scenery for students.

Waters said that often students want to relax somewhere other than their dorm rooms, but the Blue Bean and the Bird Cage can be crowded. The Bower Writers House offers more space to students. The living room is circular with tables and couches to facilitate both an environment conducive to homework and studying as well as socialization. A table is set up at the center of the living room with games, such as Scrabble and Uno, available for students to play.

“Not only here can you come for Mellow Mondays and relax, but every Mellow Monday our four season room will be a quiet space,” Waters said. He said students could enjoy the sunlight coming in through the windows, drink a cup of coffee and have a quiet, meditative moment. The dining room offers hot chocolate, coffee and cookies to students to enjoy while relaxing.

Waters’ two goals for Mellow Mondays were to offer a unique space to students to relax in and for them to learn about the Bowers Writers House and the different interdisciplinary opportunities offered. “I talk to a lot of students who don’t even realize that the Bowers Writers House exists, or if they have heard of it, they’re not really too sure where it is,” Waters said. He added that an environment such as the Bowers Writers House on a college campus can complement their college experience and education.

Professors often offer extra credit to students for going to different events that relate to their courses; however, he wanted to give students an opportunity to experience the Bowers Writers House without any educational pressures.

Mellow Mondays are available to all students and faculty members, as well as members of the community. For more information on Mellow Mondays, or any events at the Bowers Writers House, contact Waters at WATERSJ@ETOWN.EDU, WRITERSHOUSE@ETOWN.EDU or 717-689-3945. Also visit for a list of events that will be offered this semester.


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