Ask Sarah: Back with Sass

The Etownian September 5, 2012 0

Hello Lovelies,

It’s that time of year again: the air gets colder, the days get shorter and the Etownian printers whirr to life once more. With all the excitement of starting yet another fall semester (and for some of us, starting college) there comes a whole new slough of problems. That’s where I come in, darlings. For those of you fresh or forgetful faces, I’m Sarah Knight: Ed. major, coffee drinker, and the Etownian’s resident advice columnist. Advocate of the Oxford Comma as well as the humble hash-tag, I bring you all the council fit to print—heavy on the heart and humor, to boot. This year, in addition to my submission box (located for your convenience on that weird shelf thing in the mail room), I have both a blog at and a Twitter @EtownianAdvice. Now that I have an outlet for both the tech junkies and the low-fi lovers out there, I want to hear from you. Roommate got you in a bind? I’ve got your back. Questions on navigating life, the universe and Etown? Been there and will answer that. Fights with your boo/bff/fam/parrot? I will do my best to help you work toward to a solution. Can’t find your socks? Ok, not sure why you’d come to me but yeah, let’s work it out. Keep in mind: questions on my blog and in my submission box can be completely anonymous, but Twitter might not be the place to air all the deep, dark secrets in 140 or less. I am so excited to have another great year with you guys, so please, don’t hesitate.



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