Alumni Sunil Shrestha ’03 shares his achievements since his Etown days

Katie Weiler September 14, 2017 0


Elizabethtown College alumni reside all around the world. Alumnus Sunil Shrestha currently resides in the capital of Nepal, Kathmandu. The 2003 Etown graduate earned his Bachelor of Science degree in business administration.

Living in Kathmandu, Shrestha is able to work in a variety of businesses. Shrestha currently owns and manages his own company called Narayan Industrial & Trading House, which works around making and trading hydro energy and petroleum products.

He is also on the Board of Directors of Kailash Development Bank Limited and is on the Executive Committee for the Federation of Nepalese Chambers of Commerce & Industry, which is a large association that oversees the economics of Nepal.

“I love living in Kathmandu,” Shrestha said. “Kathmandu is a perfect blend of urbanization and ancient culture.”

Shrestha said that Kathmandu is often considered a gem and is featured in lists of top cities to visit around the world. Shrestha’s favorite things to do in Nepal include traveling to different parts of the country and participating in chamber activities.

He was born in Butwal, Nepal which is close to the birthplace of Buddha and the ultimate pilgrimage destination of Buddhism. After traveling to the United States, Shrestha became an international student at Etown. Shrestha noticed many academic differences between the U.S. and Nepal, but a major one is the concept of plagiarism.

“The issue of plagiarism is something which I found quite different in the two countries,” Shrestha said. Sometimes what was acceptable in Nepal constituted as plagiarism in the U.S.

“Later on, I began to understand its importance,” he said.

Shrestha is quite proud of his time at Etown. He chose the school because of its size, location and notable US Newsweek ranking.

While at Etown, Shrestha was involved in the Asian Cultural Association as Treasurer and also enjoyed playing racquetball. Shrestha also spoke fondly of the Marketplace’s pizza options.

“Everyone in Etown felt like part of an extended family. There was a close bonding between everyone. It felt like a home away from home,” Shrestha said.

As a graduate of the College, Shrestha has gone on to business ventures beyond his degree. He looks at his time at Etown as a positive choice in his life.

“While courses such as Investment, International Business Management, and Legal Environment of Business directly helped me gain an insight into the business world, the liberal arts curriculum at Etown provided a whole new way of looking at things,” Shrestha said. “It broadened my overall perspective.”

In his post-collegiate career, as he reflected on his time at Etown, Shrestha gave the following advice to current students.

“I am thankful for the entire Etown family for shaping my future,” he said. “It is only after we lose something that we appreciate its true value. Enjoy college life to its fullest, and be grateful for what you have today.”

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