Kathy Fry spreads cheer at Blue Bean

TEMP ORARY October 21, 2011 0

Every day, we Elizabethtown College students go into the Marketplace to eat, go to the Jay’s Nest for a quick snack or go to the Blue Bean to get coffee. But do we ever really look at who’s making our food or going out of their way to make sure we get exactly what we ordered? The College has a team of hard working staff that does whatever possible to make sure we, as students, are happy and able to get through our day. There is a team of students, faculty and staff working in the Marketplace, Jay’s Nest, Blue Bean and at sporting events to keep our hunger and thirst satisfied. They work hours upon hours around the clock, from sun up to sun down, to make sure we are fed. Feeding 2,000 college students is not an easy task.

I got to sit down and briefly chat with Kathy Fry, the barista at the Blue Bean. Kathy is a long-term worker for the school; she started at Etown in 1989 and for the past 22 years, has been working for Dining Services to make sure the Blue Bean is efficient and running correctly. Before working here at Etown, Kathy worked for a health care company where her job was to assemble health care packages. She also worked in the shipping department for the same company. Then she came to Etown in 1989, began working at the Blue Bean and has been serving Etown students ever since.

Kathy is a sweet lady who is always smiling and keeping students happy. She had a big smile on her face when she explained what her favorite part of working at the College was. Her answer was simple: “the students.” She loves the interactions and conversations she has with students on a daily basis. When I walked up to the Blue Bean, there were a few students around the counter and Kathy was finishing up their orders, but what stuck out in my mind were the faces on all of the students. They were smiling and laughing at something Kathy had said. She takes pride in her job and loves what she does.

I sat down at one of the tables in front of the Blue Bean and was doing homework, but I kept noticing that every time someone walked away from the Blue Bean they seemed to be in a good mood. A few students told me they knew Kathy, speaking highly of her and her consistently positive attitude. Some students even mentioned that they see Kathy on almost a daily basis.

To ensure that all students are just as happy with their work as she is, Kathy recommended, with a serious tone, “Find a job that you love doing; it’s hard to wake up in the morning and do something if you have no desire to.”

This positive attitude shows that Kathy loves what she does; she makes sure that every single customer walks away satisfied. Kathy is a hard-working and extremely nice person.

Without people like Kathy in Dining Services, Etown would not have the same feel to it. The people in Dining Services, from staff to students, make our stressful days a little better. Thanks to everyone who works for Dining Services for what you do; it is appreciated greatly.

So the next time you are served in the cafeteria or the Jay’s Nest or the Blue Bean, say thanks because these are the people who keep us going and help us get through the day. Also, the Blue Bean has a special for the month of October: the Apple Pie Spice Smoothie. Head down to the Blue Bean to get one and say hello to Kathy!

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