Senior gives advice for putting together graduation outfits

Emily Lidstone April 29, 2015 0

As seniors, we have spent the last four years perfecting our study habits, preparing for our future careers and cramming in those final credits. If there were ever a day meant to celebrate all of our hard work, it’s graduation day. We are given the chance to not only shine on paper, but on camera.

Picture after picture will be taken by family, friends and a professional photographer to capture the joy and relief on that special day. Every step will be documented from the moment we sweep across the grass in grand procession, to when we do our best to gracefully cross the wooden planks of the gazebo in The Dell.

It is our job as the center of attention to look our best and there are certainly a number of ways to do that. Our caps will be covering a majority of whatever hairstyle we choose, but for those with long hair this is our time to shine. Luscious locks can be curled and waved to perfection or straightened beyond recognition. As long as the mane is prepared to fight any heat or humidity under that cap, it will be a great hair day.

With our long, opaque black robes not much of our outfit will be seen until after the ceremony. Granted the weather is lovely, the sun will be beating down on us for over an hour. Choosing a thin fabric for a men’s button-down, or a thinner chiffon blouse or dress, will definitely be beneficial during the ceremony.

While those adorable heels that have been calling your name all semester would make for a cute addition to your graduation outfit, they won’t make it far during the outdoor procession. Thinner heels can easily sink into the mud and make for an awkward walk. Wedges, flat sandals, dress shoes and loafers are the better choice to accompany your outfit and keep you walking confidently through that lush green grass.

Once you have taken a thousand pictures in your graduation regalia, it’s time to reveal the dazzling outfit underneath! Brightly colored button-downs or blouses and fun-patterned dresses are always a sight to see with that clear blue sky as the backdrop. Lighter colors, pastels and whites are perfect for spring weather and make for fun, festive pictures.

Though graduation can be bittersweet, your outfit doesn’t have to be. Keep it light and fun for those memorable pictures that will be posted all over social media and your household for years to come. Fluff up those feathers Blue Jays!


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