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You know, good music turns up in the strangest places, which is why I was surprised to find Cider Sky’s song, “Northern Lights” in the “Twilight: Breaking Dawn (part 1)” movie, but hey, any press is good press. Now, I won’t abuse the good name of this column with my feelings on “Twilight,” but I do want to give the producers an air-five for including Cider Sky’s debut track, similar to when Death Cab for Cutie’s “Meet Me on the Equinox” was selected for the 2009 “Twilight” film soundtrack.
Cider Sky is composed of Canadian singer-songwriter Simon Wilcox and London-born songwriter Shridhar Solanki. Wilcox, who is a multi-platinum artist, has collaborated with such musical talents as The Kooks, The Spill Canvas, The Ready Set and Breathe Carolina to name a few. “Northern Sky” was the first song that Wilcox and Solanki wrote and recorded as a duo, and they didn’t even know the song was going to be included in the Twilight film until they saw a post about it online. I’ll bet that was totally awkward but epic at the same time, which is sort of how the Twilight Saga rolls.
In all of the glitter-and-teen-wolf-fur that is the Twilight Saga, Cider Sky’s musical prowess isn’t to be ignored. Wilcox and Solanki’s vocals complement each other to create equilibrium like fire and ice: Wilcox, as a female vocalist, can reach the soaring high notes, and Solanki balances her vocals with his warmer, deeper tones. Their instrumentation, including piano and chimes, as well as the electronic touches they add to their songs, give a distinct, supernatural quality to their sound.
Lyrically, Cider Sky’s songs are pure poetry, as in these opening lines from “Northern Lights:”

Every time, I close my eyes
I can touch the colors around me
Suddenly, I realize
Everything I thought was impossible
Is here
And my heart sings
In a world so incredible
And everything
Burns much brighter

Cider Sky’s latest EP album, “King,” which was released this time last year, is a six song compilation of sparkling indie gems that are sure to please any indie music-lover on your list this holiday season.

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