Office of Student Activities announces concert to be held in Leffler in February, does not reveal identity of performers

Samantha Kick November 13, 2014 0

Every two months, the Office of Student Activities calendar appears under every residential door at Elizabethtown College.  In addition to the usual fitness events, break information and other upcoming events which range from movie showings to bowling nights to gingerbread making contests, the November and December calendar also had an announcement written in the upper right-hand corner: OSA will be sponsoring a concert with an unannounced performer in February.

One of the headliner events for TGIS last year was the OCD: Moosh & Twist concert, which took place two days before the start of their Living Out Loud Tour. Although I did not personally attend this event, I saw the long line of students in the Blue Bean waiting for their turn to purchase tickets for the event. There was also a multitude of tweets, Facebook statuses and pictures from my fellow students. Sophomore Aimee Cutri said, “It was really cool to see the energy of everyone that was there, and you could tell that Moosh & Twist love what they do.”

Unlike the OCD: Moosh & Twist concert which was held in the KAV, the upcoming event will be held in Leffler Chapel and Performance Center. This has raised a question among some Etown students. Is OSA expecting a larger turnout than last year? Perhaps, but I don’t think that the two events in question are appropriate to compare seeing as OCD: Moosh & Twist was a TGIS event, while the concert in February will not be. Last year, OSA only had 350 tickets available to students and guests, which completely sold out within four days. Also, while Moosh & Twist have a rather large following on Twitter, with just about 70,000  followers between their three accounts, they were not very well-known among Etown students. Maybe that’s why OSA’s next concert will be in Leffler, because the unknown performer is more widely known — though, to be fair, not the likes of Paul McCartney or Justin Timberlake — and they expect that more of the students will want to attend. Or, maybe, they decided that more than one quarter of the student population at Etown should be able to attend these events, if they so choose.

Whatever the reason, the concert will take place in Leffler on Friday, Feb. 13. I believe that even though the OCD: Moosh & Twist concert was different from the upcoming concert, each and every event has an effect on the expectation of future events, even if they are events as unrelated as The Price is Right or a de-stress night in the Blue Bean. Cutri said, “I feel that OSA does such an incredible job with the events and I know that any other concerts they do will be just as amazing as [OCD Moosh & Twist] was.” Be sure to keep an eye out for announcements from OSA via their Twitter account @Etown_OSA to learn who the mystery performer will be.

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