Occupy Wall St. sends strong message throughout U.S.

TEMP ORARY November 13, 2011 0

The Occupy Wall Street movement is completely unorganized, but that does not mean their purpose for coming out onto the streets of New York in Zuccotti Park and rioting is completely meaningless.

Citizens are frustrated and angry due to the economic state in the United States. Not only are American citizens angry at the government, but they are also angry with Wall Street and the unfair distribution of money, according to CNN.

The bankers of Wall Street are being rewarded for failures and given license to return to mindless and destructive gambling and speculation, not always with great success. The citizens of developed countries have been further impoverished. A mixture of high unemployment, flat wages, high inflation, austerity measures piled on austerity measures (including higher taxes and less generous services and benefits) have drastically reduced people’s standard of living according to UK World.

The Occupy Wall Street movement has many supporters but the movement has been heavily criticized for not having a legitimate reason of cause and purpose by conservatives because through media they are seen as useless complaints. But who are they to have the right to say the movement is bogus; who am I to say what they are doing is right or wrong? How do I know what the protesters are trying to achieve? But it is fact that you do not know their cause. You do not know because you still have your job, you still have your house, you still have your investments and savings and you still have a family to go back home to but imagine losing all that in one day. That is the reason for the Occupy Wall Street movement.

Twenty-seven percent of Americans disagree with the movement, according to CNN polls, and thirty percent remain inactive and do not know what the movement is. The people who do not know are assumed to be supporters but do not want an active role in the movement.

But what questions or concerns do you have economically or politically? Are you not concerned about not having a job right out of college? Are you not concerned with your ability to pay for your college debts? Do you question Wall Street at all for any of the economic problems or the fact that they may be controlling the government due to funding?

The Occupy Wall Street movement is run by citizens who clearly have complaints, but more than likely they should be seen as concerns, not complaints. These concerns affect everyone, not just a select few people. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the poverty rate is expected to rise five percent from last year. Why? Economically, the U.S. is still struggling and people are still losing jobs and houses.

If we want change, the people have to be heard no matter the consequences. The American citizens protesting are mainly making the personal statement that they are unhappy. We all have concerns that we are worried about, but we want answers and solutions to the problem in a way that the citizens will not have to suffer the consequences of the government’s actions. We can try to work hard for what we want, but how long will that last? In the future will hard work be worth a damn? What is going to happen to us? The movement is meant to show the government that we want change and answers, but when it comes down to it, are we really asking for fairness? If we are, then what is the definition of fair?

The disorganization of the movement is making people question why they are doing it. How many other supporters will eventually feel this way? The government hopefully will take more action rather than just arresting the protestors. They should not take this movement lightly because their positions are to satisfy the people as a whole. This is America, we are known for freedom of speech. “We are the 99 percent.” We are to be heard.

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