Laundry machines upgraded across campus dorms

The Etownian February 2, 2017 0

On a typical weekend at Elizabethtown College, while students study or socialize, student laundry spins in the new campus washers and dryers. These new high efficiency (HE) machines were added to residence halls over the winter break. This upgrades a laundry system that is already free to residential students during the academic year.

Students appreciate the efficiency of the new machines and the convenience of the “no-swipe” system. Students no longer need to swipe their ID cards to start a machine.

“The laundry smells fresh, and I like having one larger washer so I can wash my comforter,” sophomore Claudia Melchiorre said. “There is a phone app to track your laundry.”

“The dryers are definitely an upgrade. My clothes get dry all the way through,” first-year Shaelah Best, who lives in Ober Residence Hall, said. “The no-swipe system is a plus when you are in a rush.”

Residence Life also released links to a new wash alert system. Students can click on the link to their specific dorms to access information about open machines and how much time is remaining on each.

After students put their wash into a specific machine, they can also ask the app to notify them when their washer or dryer has finished running. You can also use the app to report any problems.

Those like Melchiorre said they miss the email notification system, but look forward to using the new app.

All residential laundry rooms also have an ADA machine to accommodate students with disabilities. This front-loading machine is larger than the others.

Etown faces tough choices about where money should be spent. Since the College is located in a rural area, students appreciate the events and activities on campus that connect students with outside speakers, alumni and business professionals.

Some other places students would like to see upgrades include a variety in dining options available in the Marketplace and off-campus transportation.

Overall, the washers and dryers were a good investment for the students of the College. In the future, the College should consider continuing to spend money on expanding campus activities and services.


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