Campus Life serves as redesigned Opinion section, continues to encourage students to share their opinions of the College

Kayleigh Kuykendall October 13, 2016 0

As I am sure many of our readers have noticed, the Opinion section has been recently redesigned as the Campus Life section for this year. In the past, the Etownian has gone back and forth between the Opinion and Campus Life section, often switching between the two in an effort to redistribute the focus of the section to where it is needed in any given year.

While the Opinion section allowed students to voice their opinions regarding matters both on and off campus, the Campus Life section draws a larger focus to the Elizabethtown College community as a whole. It essentially offers the section the ability to zoom in on the College and really focus on what matters to the students, serving as a “catch all” for topics that do not fit traditionally in the News, Features or Sports sections.

Previously, the Opinion section has been more or less restricted to student opinions only. With the new Campus Life title, it allows us to expand the type of material found within the section. Because of this, we can now include things like comics and weekly student spotlights as well as info graphics concerning a broad range of campus topics.

The Campus Life section can be easily confused with the Features section, as they both highlight culturally significant happenings on campus. It is important to note, then, that while Features may include articles concerning events on campus, Campus Life will focus more on the opinions surrounding those events. As I’m sure many readers have already discovered, there is a distinct difference in voice between the articles in the Campus Life section and those in the Features section. The use of personal pronouns indicate the pieces heavily grounded in opinion.

As always, we will continue to welcome Letters to the Editor from all members of the campus community and encourage responses to our articles. These letters help to facilitate a conversation between not only students, faculty and staff on campus, but the Etownian staff and its readers as well.

If we ever recieve an abundance of Letters to the Editor, we will devote an entire page to them, as is the case in this issue.

As Campus Life Editor, I am excited to showcase this revamped section for the student body and look forward to what it has in store. If anyone has ideas for content or wishes to have their voice heard, you can email me at Feedback for the section , as with the paper in general, is greatly appreciated.


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