Business Profile: Twisted Easel Etc.

Megan Kane September 22, 2017 0

Twisted Easel Etc. offers painting experiences for all ages. The studio on Market Street provides a space for private parties, open paint nights and art lessons, with plans on expanding to more ventures in the future. Patrons can choose to create in multiple mediums, including glassware, canvases, barn wood décor and seasonal gifts. “Right now, we’re trying to get our name out there,” said owner Cindy Telenko.

Telenko and her daughter, Alyssa Bair, began their business two years ago as an in-home paint party experience. When Artisan Republic closed its doors on Market Street, the owner reached out to Telenko to take over the studio. “It became real in just a couple of weeks,” Telenko said, as she moved the business to its new location in June. Now, Twisted Easel offers a larger venue for those who wish to spend a night painting with friends, host a shower or party or take art lessons with art teacher Ayla West. Local artists may also showcase their artwork in the studio each month, and people can visit the gallery during monthly Second Fridays in Etown.

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As an Etown field hockey coach and art teacher at Elizabethtown Middle School, Telenko is passionate about the College and the town. One day, she hopes to expand to selling art supplies in the studio, so patrons do not have to travel to Lancaster or Harrisburg to obtain them. She also hopes to connect with College students, and shares that her field hockey team and Etown alumni have already stopped by to check out the store. Because she recognizes that most students are on a budget, she is considering hosting open paint nights for college students with a reduced price. Additionally, she welcomes any Etown art majors to volunteer or display their artwork in the studio.

As the business grows, Telenko believes it will provide a great creative outlet unlike any in the area “Since we’re a small business, we have more flexibility with the designs we can allow people to create,” Telenko said. “We can call the shots.” To learn more, visit

Location: 1 S Market Street, Suites 101 & 102, Elizabethtown, PA 17022

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