Business Profile: Turquoise Bear’s Emporium

Jennifer Beihoff September 14, 2017 0

As one walks past Turquoise Bear’s Emporium, they will learn through just one glance into the storefront windows that the emporium is not just another store. In fact, you will probably never find another store like it! Therefore, the shop is perfect for those looking for “one of a kind items.”

Turquoise Bear’s Emporium is home to a wide variety of items, from small crafts to large furniture pieces. Most of the items inside of the shop are handcrafted by members of local Native American tribes. Most of the tribes are located in Middletown and Swatara Creek.

Since many of the items in the store are handcrafted, the store’s merchandise is constantly changing. The constant change in merchandise helps maintain the store’s unique nature.

Middletown and Swatara Creek used to be considered “hotbeds” of Native American activity and trade. Today, both the Middletown area and the Swatara Creek Area are still home to Native Americans.

Turquoises Bear’s Emporium has some of the “finest Native American Indian Sterling Silver Jewelry.” Some of the jewelry that is sold includes chokers, hematite bracelets and Turquoise necklaces. In addition to jewelry, they also have tribal artifacts, such as arrowheads and flint knives. For those who are interested in art, they have arts and crafts from the Pennsylvania and Delaware Valley. Some of the art pieces include pottery, dream catchers and masks. The store often sells both spirit masks and shaman masks. Turquoise Bear’s Emporium also sells authentic Native American paintings and beadwork.

If you are looking for a unique shopping experience, then look no further than Turquoise Bear’s Emporium at 21 South Market Street! It is a place that has a unique charm and is one of the places that makes Elizabethtown so special.


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