Business Profile: Spence Candies

Jennifer Beihoff October 20, 2017 0

Calling all sweets lovers! If you are looking for a place to satisfy your sweet tooth, then look no further then Spence Candies, located at 558 East High Street in Elizabethtown.

Spence Candies is a confectionary shop that specializes in the art of chocolate making. They have a wide variety of candy and chocolate products ranging from chocolate covered pretzels to vanilla glazed dog treats. There is surely something there for everyone to enjoy!

Spence Candies has been around for over 17 years. It originated in the early 2000s and has grown to become a staple in the Elizabethtown community.

However, Spence Candies has not always been located in Elizabethtown. In fact, the company originated in the Spence’s family home in Indianola, Iowa.

Owner Wendie Spence has been involved in the art of chocolate making for years. She first learned how to make candy and chocolate from her mother and father, who learned by using techniques and recipes taught to them by Spence’s grandmother.

Spence is originally from Kutztown, Pennsylvania in Berks County, but moved to Iowa in order for her husband to pursue a career opportunity.

In 2004, Spence and her husband Rob decided to return to Pennsylvania. Once the two returned, they decided to settle down in Elizabethtown where they have lived ever since.

In Elizabethtown, the Spences continued to make and sell candy (just as they did in Iowa), but the only difference was they were looking for a shop to call their own. Within three years of their return to Pennsylvania, they managed to find a place to sell their delectable candy and chocolate products. They decided to renovate their new space to include a candy production area and a retail shop area.

During the spring of 2009, the renovations concluded and Spence Candies finally opened its doors to the Elizabethtown community. Business has been booming ever since.

Many people enjoy the idea that all the candy and chocolate is handcrafted on the premises. Such a concept is quite rare nowadays due to the large influence of machinery and mass production on the chocolate making industry. “I think that the success of Spence Candies is due in large part to the location and product quality,” Spence said.

The shop’s location is unique because it is the only one of its kind in the Lancaster County area. It is also centrally located and easily accessible for students in the Elizabethtown community. Since it is nestled in the middle point between East High Elementary School, Elizabethtown College and Elizabethtown High School, the shop gets a variety of clientele.

For those who are not bold enough to venture off campus, Spence Candies has products available right here at the College! Their products can be found in both the Blue Bean Café and the Jay’s Nest for those who would like to sample some of them.

Last, but certainly not least, Spence Candies offers a 10 percent discount for Etown students. If you are having a chocolate craving or need some candy, I would highly recommend taking a trip to Spence Candies.

Spence is very kind and very passionate about the art of chocolate making, so you are sure to find just the right chocolate for your taste buds. There are plenty of options available, so everyone is sure to find something that they enjoy.


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